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I'm not sure whether I should post here or you'd prefer under "Mommy Know-It-Alls" :)

I introduced French and Spanish to my little one via two dvd series "Your Baby Can Learn to Speak...." when she was about 11 months old along with the language series of the Baby Einstein incorporated w/their flash cards and hardcover books. I didn't really see any results since a second language is not spoken in our home until age 3 1/2 and I purchased her the book "Let's Speak Spanish! A First Book of Words" by Viking. (Lovely picture book w/complete pronunciation guides). Much to my surprise she knew quite a few of them.

A french series that I started over Christmas is called "Play and Learn French" which is a book & cd. Full of activities and music encompassing everything from lunchtime to bathtime. They also have a sister program for spanish. According to the package it's recommended for 4-8 but I don't see why it couldn't be lovely introdued earlier in bite sized pieces tailored to your needs. Besides it might give some fun activity ideas.

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