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May 03, 2005


Liza Pilon

Are you still traveling around the country in your RV? Have you found the perfect spot for you to stay and rest besides KOA? It's been 7 years since you embarked on your RV journey. I hope that you're doing good and the same goes to your RV as well.

Tobias Thrash

Your tip about wearing a fake wedding band is brilliant! It’ll definitely make camping alone a lot less scary and would keep most strangers away from talking to you, or hitching a ride with you. It’s also best to let some friends and relatives know where you are and where you are headed from time to time so that they’ll know exactly where to find you in case of an emergency.

Rosalinda Rudloff

Nothing is more convenient than travelling with your home. When you’re on the road, long trips, most often than not, make you feel home sick. But with this motor home, you no longer have to feel any anxiety at all. This, too, I must say is a wise investment.

Hale Kramer

Ahh... Certainly, this is a great article for first time road trippers. I appreciate your tips, and I think they're very practical. Yes, assessing your tolerance for solitude is a crucial factor to determine whether you're ready for a road trip.

Kelvin Coleman

Indeed, you have to be smart when traveling alone. It takes some getting used to, since you have to handle a big RV on your own, but it's doable. Patience works best at times. Get used to campgrounds nearby before heading out to farther camping spots.

Tia Oshields

Good choice going for a motor home. It's a good investment too, since you were looking forward to a cross country journey. Instead of staying at a motel, you can stay in a place that you're a lot more comfortable in.

Patty Janes

Iam 49 years old. Soon to be 50. I just bought my first camping trailer. But I have been camping in tents before. I just love the outdoors. So I am planning a trip for me and my sister to go on. Iam looking into whats called a sisterhood club. These sisters plans camping trips and all go in there camping stuff. So just to say to you that I just loved this artical you wrote. It was great. Hope to read more. Thanks Patty

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