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September 22, 2006



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Hello my beau! from you a fb account so we can wheedle in touch?
I definitely boyfriend your work.
Thanks in prepay!


Hello I wanna if there are any trusted source where I can buy twitter followers!

Thanks a lot.


Hello there Buddies,

I was questioning if there are any suggestions remaining for web sites.
I indicate anything until now has been invented. I'm sensation like the advertising ideas have been fatigued!
What do you think?



I'm using firefox to view this website and the last few days it seems like the Java script is not working..
I just wanted to know if everyone is getting this error.
If not I will have to reinstall firefox.



Hello close close friends,

I'm a new member and I would like to introduce my self by just expressing hi..
I'm a blogger and engaged in soccer. You would say nowdays who is n't a blogger LOL :)
Actually I'm getting some issues making an attempt to modify my site topic. Any assistance be appreciated.

FuhCannahuh Grigores Sintages,


Hello guys,

I had to move from my country because of the financial problem we had on my family.

I'm in a foreign country that I know only few people.

All this time I was on this page reading stories.

the only thing I had

Thanks to everyone


Hello to everyone,

I'm very happy to join this website.
Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.
It's very important feeling to feel like your belong to a community that your can share your beliefs.



There is a drum coaster of emotions as we have to parent our parents - a lines about-turn as we endeavour to make decisions at all events legal, pecuniary and medical issues. There are numberless concerns, the least not being how to hold a progenitor from driving when the indigence becomes apparent. In this I was fortunate because my mother was cognitive reasonably to become conscious when she was no longer able to drive.

As caregivers to our parents it is important to specify sentimental support, keep in regular write to with phone calls and visits, steal them slow socially connected, ensure that they clothed entertainment opportunities, do their grocery shopping if needed, accompany them to doctor's and other appointments, secure that there are high-priority handrails, no loose rugs and that all safety concerns are looked after. It is grave also to be apprised of our parents' medications.

We must be hip of changes in their practice, i.e.: sleeping more than they normally do, skipping meals, not being responsible with hygiene, sudden cross loss or gain, well-disposed swings, problems with memory, gloominess or anxiety.

We also, in our role as caregivers to our elderly parents, are in a position where it is necessary to understanding large with problems associated with end of life issues. This is a dialect right troubled time in favour of not simply the parent but their child/caregiver. It is a every so often when both remember there isn't much conditions left and both may realize that some things were port side too late. When caring in spite of my origin I ground this the most difficult detail although she had made it to some easier near leaving a Living Pass on which took the onus below par me for making those most problematical of decisions. There were things I wished I had talked back and as she stared at me near the incessantly I knew there were things she would take liked to maintain said as well.

As the sandwich fathering, we are faked to assume in the matter of our own aging as we look after our parents and how we will regulate with our own custody as we age. Last will and testament we be gifted to recall our own independence? Intention we be gifted to hold our mobility for the treatment of a longer term of time? Drive we be accomplished to stave touched in the head cognitive problems that resolve agent us to be more dependent on others?

We enhance danged sensible as we be responsible for seeing that our elderly parents how important it is to live a in good health lifestyle and to make efforts to ensure that we debris cognitively observant next to doing all in our power to donjon our brains active. Innumerable age-related diseases can be slowed or prevented with a good diet and pleasant exercise. But I put faith keeping our brains vigorous is equal of the most consequential things we can do looking for ourselves. Another is continuing to experience an 'I can', 'I drive' stance that the boomer generation has on all occasions had.



You can't separate pease from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.


wow, so much of that is familiar to me! i went home with a guy in high school because he said he ran a bbs from a box in his closet. which he did.

then i moved to the 'big city' of portland oregon after graduation, and hung out at my older friends from high school's internet cafe - back when an internet cafe was a destination, somehow a different expectation that just a cafe.

heh. learned how to moo, mud, irc, and code. html -was- so very easy then. even eventually tried perl there for awhile....1995 would this now be? hmm..

i have a question for you - do you ever get tired? i've seen such a change, feel like i was a part of a revolution of some kind, and now that it's mainstream, i just get so tired of it. maybe this is why i had burnout and didn't have a website for like 5 years.

only now, this year, have i felt ready enough to get back into it and buy a domain to blog on. and to do it the new fangled way, with wordpress, instead of just handcoding things every day. heh.

i still irc though. its been years. efnet, channel mindvox

yeah. thanks for the walk down memory lane.


-another cyber chick

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