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During my first miscarriage at six weeks, last October, a CNM actually asked me during an ultrasound "are you sure youre pregnant?" I cried and my husband was almost brought to tears. She could not even look at us in the eyes. It made a horrible experience, even worse.


I can totally relate. I have had over 7 MC and all were heartless with the staff. Don't you hate it when they call it an abortion? Like I had any say in it or wanted it to end. No emotions whatever. Once you are not pg, they treat you so differently, now that there is no life to linger to, except your own.

New Kid On The Blog

I had mine at 17 weeks of pregnancy. Miscarriage due to placenta abrubtion. The postmortum of the placenta yet to be received and reviewed with my O&G. I wonder what causes that?

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