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WOOHOO!! I'm REALLY glad to hear things look good and that theres a new plan of action. this doctor sounds like he/she knows their stuff. Of course you've never lacked in your own information research either, always a good thing! I wish you the best and will continue reading and hoping for the post in where you announce your pregnancy! I have a realllllllllly good vibe about you and although that might not mean anything to you...I'm never usually wrong...seriously. :)

Take care!
A longtime lurker~ Kym


just wanted to add, after reading your history it's VERY similar to what I went through. Low Progesterone. yep. uh huh.
here's the only difference, my reproductive endo doc had me on progesteron AT conception. it was told to me that supplements (after the fact" i.e. a + pregnancy test may be too late to help someone with low progesterone. IF you test negative, then you stop progesterone and try again next cycle. I was also tested for the blood clotting disorder, and while i was a low positive I was also on heperin injections for the first 12 weeks. needless to say, I gave birth, at 41 to my baby girl Mia.
Good luck!! Sounds like you are an easy fix if you get the right cocktail.

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