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Great news on the HSG results! I had one done 4 1/2 years ago - it was normal. I remember the intense cramping, like my worst cramps (I have endometriosis) and what I felt with miscarriage . There's a "myth" that your odds of conceiving are better for the next few cycles following an HSG. I hope it's true for you!


Congratulations on the HSG results! I had one last year and it wasn't the most pleasant ordeal I have ever endured that's for sure. I am glad your tubes look good!!

Good luck with the blood results.


Thanks for the blow-by-blow...I'm up for an HSG in a few weeks and am pretty nervous about it. It doesn't sound so bad...

Thanks and good luck!


Permission to brag about my apparently high pain tolerance? I hardly felt a thing with my HSG. And when I had my uterine biopsy (with no medication) my doctor told me perhaps I should be an international spy, because I didn't even flinch!
But I fall asleep in the dentist chair.
Okay, before I have you all thinking I'm superwoman I better tell the truth- labor hurts like a motherfucker!

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