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Just wanted to say I'm only 2 weeks out from where you are now, with this thing inside me I could not wait to get out. I was terrified it would happen before they could schedule the D&C, though. Scared of the D&C itself (and possibly scarring) as well, but hated the idea I might start bleeding and cramping any time any place. I can't imagine what it must be like to be without G right now. You must be very strong.

I just started my own blog and was afraid to tell my husband about it, but I did. I'm sure he thinks it's weird and he doesn't want me talking about him (but how can I not mention his role in this whole thing?), but mostly he doesn't completely trust me not to reveal identifying details.

Anyway, just wanted to with you the best of luck getting through the weekend and the surgery and any blog arguments.


I haven't told my husband about my blog. He knows I blog about my sewing and knitting on another site and he knows I read blogs about women suffering through infertility and miscarriages but he doesn't know that I write about my own experiences. I like having something private from my husband - we talk enough about our situation and it's not always the same as what I blog about. I also like having a blog that others can read. It's therapy to have a voice that others hear and sometimes comment on as opposed to just writing my thoughts in a journal no one else sees. I might as well talk to myself in that case.

As far as the D&C - I'm actually surprised that your doctor thinks you need one. I had one with MC#1 because I had twins and they were almost 10 weeks in size. My doctor said there was too much tissue to pass naturally. MC#2 and MC#3 were both natural. MC#2 happened without having had any scans so I don't know if there was an embryo and with MC#3 there was an empty sac. Talk to your doctor again about what risks or pain you face if you choose not to have the D&C. It took a while to finally pass #3 and I didn't like not knowing when it would happen, but in a way I preferred it over a D&C. Having the loss occur on its own assured me that it was truly over. With MC#1, even though I'd had two scans show the babies had no heartbeats, I still felt like the D&C took them away.

Take care and best wishes to you.


I just started my blog...I haven't gotten to my miscarriage,well miscarriages yet.Just knowing I'll be talking about them soon is healing.Thank you for writing this.It's helping me more than you'll ever know.


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