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Oh thats GREAT news! I'm so glad everything was in check. Two weeks before another check huh? Gosh that seems long. Well this is a strange thing to wish upon you but I hope you get sicker and sicker with every passing day. :) That would be something reasurring anyways. Humor is a wonderful thing, glad you can still hang on to yours. Are they going to watch your progestrone levels? I guess i'm just wondering what the plan is here...just waiting to see the heartbeat for now? Seems like they should be doing SOMETHING to keep a closer eye on things incase there is something that could be preventive, ya know? Well i know you've done your research and are your own best advocate so i'm sure things are as good as they can be for now. I'll just keep checking in on you and praying things keep looking good. You were the first blog I ever read which lead me to so many other wonderful women so I have a special "thing" for you and your sucess, if that makes sense. I dont think I would have made it through my own ordeal without all of these blogs and I have you to thank for that. I'll keep reading and pulling for you no matter how long this takes. I do wish you, your husband and baby all the best! Know we're all out here and share this stressful time with you! Thanks for the update!
Take care!


That is GREAT news! Fabulous! One hurdle crossed. I know, many more to go but I really, really hope all goes well.

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