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plucky punk

Having recently experienced a miscarriage, I really appreciate your efforts to talk about it. It definitely seems like this is a big secret issue. Only after having one, did I learn from my mother that multiple miscarriages run in the family...something which would have been nice to know. Why isn't it talked about?

In a time when we have 4 hour erection pills why don't we have more medical information on this sort of thing?

I dunno. I'm still working through anger I guess. It's great to see someone blogging about it though. Sorry it had to happen to you again.


your book is definitely something that's needed. great title. my partner miscarried 2 years ago. our little boy was conceived not long after that and carried to term. not that that made the loss any easier to get through. Please include info/comments/stories about women in same-sex relationships, and gay men using surrogates. It would be wonderful to be included. For all the 'planning' we need to do in same-sex relationships...just to get 'knocked up' you certainly don't hear about the likelyhood of miscarriage. well, until you experience one.


I was going to submit my own story on my 3 miscarriages, but was unable to complete the form as I'm Canadian rather than American.

I do, however, look forward to reading it, and reading your journal here. Thank you for sharing - it makes me feel like I'm not crazy for feeling some of the same things.

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