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My acupuncturist did those points once my miscarriage started and also gave me the nastiest tea on the planet to get rid of the HCG. I refused to go back for a third beta at my clinic because that stuff could peel paint.

I've been seeing a massage therapist who will work with you for 5 hours AND presses so hard that I'm surprised you couldn't hear me scream in pain where you are. She worked on my ankles for the uterus and ovaries and said there was a lot of congestion in those areas. They started to give after a couple hours of this. She also did a lot of work on my upper feet, near the pituitary gland (I have high FSH). I find reflexology amazing in its accuracy, every single time.


I'm a massage therapist in the state of Texas, and have worked with reflexology with many other therapists. Reflexology can ASSIST in inducing labor, but only if the body is willing to let it. Many times, if the body is about to miscarry, or about to give birth, reflexology will help the process go faster.

If you are looking for this as a way to miscarry/abort your baby- it's a long shot. I'm not endorsing any prolife/prochoice things at the moment. Trying to do this through your feet in a normal pregnancy, not close to birth, will seldomnly have positive results.

I'm really sick of what i'm reading here. Why would u want to kill a life. If u don't want to get pregnant then don't have sex!! I just can't believe that there's a website telling people how to do a miscarriage. Wow...anyone who could do this or thinking of doing this is sick!!!!!!

aliza at babyfruit

Errr... just in case anyone misunderstood this post - which I don't think happens too often because this is a 2 year old post & haven't had anyone else freak out - I had already miscarried.

It is called a "missed abortion." That is the technical name for it, sorry to say. It is when the fetus has died for an unexplained reason (chromosomal, hormonal, etc.) but the uterus has not expelled the tissue. I was obviously devastated that I had miscarried, but also did not want to resort to surgery to remove the tissue. Instead, I did natural remedies to try to coax my uterus to empty the tissue naturally.

I know I probably did NOT need to explain this, but if it is helpful to anyone out there, then I'm glad.


those are very pretty feet !!!!


those are very beautiful feet !!!
perrr-fect lil" toes :)


I do not know which is funnier the pro-life comment or the two foot fetish guys... I took the article for what it was. An alternative to D/C not a homemade abortion. I feel bad enough to have had a miscarriage and do not need a misreading, misunderstanding, jump to conclusion pro-lifer mucking up the page with their views!

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