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Karma - it certainly can be a bitch sometimes as "anonymous" will certainly discover at some point in his/her journey.

Thinking of you.


Aliza I am so sorry that you have to deal with anonymous commenters during this particular time of your life. I am quite certain that these anonymous comments come from children haters. I have seen a site which I came across in another infertility blog where the posters make fun of infertiles and hate hate hate children. Please dont give up. Praying for you.


A - don't even give the troll another thought...sorry-excuse-for-humans always dwell at the bottom and like to bring others down with them!
Be of good cheer and *wave* from Pompano!


Insensitivity and meanness comes at many different times in ones life from many different people in many different forms. I am sorry that this is being directed at you at this (or any) time. When I have had things of this nature happen to me, I have tried to find the meaning within. Sometimes I have been successful, sometimes I have not. There is value in everything. Even if it is in just the way you handle something. I wish you the best tomorrow. Clear heart....


I had the same initial response to that comment. But having premature empty nest syndrome which I realize is quite different from a miscarriage gave me enough distance to sense a different angle. We do need to keep moving on. No doubt "the commenter" had other issues not expressed. Of course the idea that you don't know what pregnant is like is just absurd. My pregnancy was apparent after two weeks the first time and was practically premonitional the second. If only the commenter had written "the full implications of pregnancy or final stages"? I am sorry that the comment appeared so agressive and hope you and said commenter heal well.


My apologies. I was playing with my the same time I was leaving my post. I should have left my information. Here's to credibility and to another point of few...."open view blog".


it's folks like that who come up to me and ask "what do you know about his *real* mother" - with my son right there. thoughtless, really thoughtless. glad to hear you are taking care. many blessings.


Here's to credibility, integrity and owning one's post!

It is far too easy to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet so it is always good to "know" who is speaking up.

All viewpoints welcome here. Even if you have no idea who I am, you are certainly entitled to an opinion.

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