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Since you've never carried to past 9 weeks or to term, how do you know what "pregnant feels like"? Perhaps you are not meant to be a mother. Your neurosis is obviously a hinderance and that would only be passed on to offspring.


Coming out of lurkdom to say I love reading your blog and am sending good thoughts your way.


Hi Aliza. I've been following your blog for a while, being another recurrent miscarrier myself. I felt I had to finally post after reading the earlier comment. I hope so much for you that it works out this time. It's a physically and emotionally tough journey, but women who have been through this know how much they will appreciate and cherish a child.
Have you come across the 'misdiagnosed miscarriage' site? It helped keep me going through the waiting game, even if it is a little unrealistically hopeful at times. Anyway, just wanted to add another voice of strength and encouragment to counter the negative.

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