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I am embrasses by how gripped I was by that list. I had a miscarriage a few months ago, and it makes me feel like part of a painful secret society.

plucky punk

I know this is an old post (am browsing your archives after your re-organization) but jeeze, what a badass group of women! I feel sad and oddly honored to be a part of what the previous commenter calls this 'painful secret society.'


I never knew I shared something with so many famous women.

It is a sad sorority.


Your miscarriage list states that Kirstie Alley is childless but I've read on several web sites that she has 2 kids. Now I'm confused.


They say one out of 4 pg ends in miscarrige. Thier are a lot of reason the can contriubte and also none.
To Deb, I think Kirstie Alley adopted.


Although I did know how common miscarriages are with first pregnancies, I did not realize so many women could go through multiple miscarriages. I commend those women who had the courage to keep trying after so many devastating losses.

Kirstie Alley has 2 adopted children with her ex-husband.


I am sadden to see how so many women had to go through a couple of losses to have a live child. I have done 4 IVF treatments and on my third attempt I got preggo with Identical twin girls but lost my babies on my six month of pregnancy to Turner syndrome. I did a Frozen embryo transfer and that one came back positive but a few days later found out I had a Bio-chemical pregnancy. It is so hard to want something so much and know that you have to go through so much pain to have it. I am not giving up on the idea of becoming a mother.


Good luck to you all. It took me six years to have my first son, it is all worth it in the end. You are in my prayers.

Name: Kirstie Alley
Birth Name: Gladys Leeman
Height: 5' 7"
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Birth Date: January 12, 1951
Birth Place: Wichita, Kansas, USA
Profession: actress, producer
Education: Kansas State University of Agriculture and Applied Science in Manhattan, Kansas
University of Kansas
Husband/Wife: Parker Stevenson (actor, producer; born on June 4, 1952; met in 1981; married on December 22, 1983; divorced in the fall of 1996)
Father: Robert (lumber-company owned)
Mother: Mickie (killed in a car accident in 1981)
Sister: Collette (biology teacher; older)
Brother: Craig (lumber-company manager; younger)
Son: William True Stevenson (born on October 5, 1992; adopted)
Daughter: Lillie Price Stevenson (born in 1994; adopted)
Claim to fame: as Rebecca Howe on TV Series: Cheers (1982)


Katie Segal did not have a miscarriage. Her daughter was stillborn.


Actually Katey Segal suffered both a miscarriage and a stillbirth the next year. Isn't that awful?


It makes me so sad that women have to experience this. I had 2 miscarriages and it was devastating, I couldn't imagine going through it 5 times like most of these women did. God Bless them for staying strong and not giving up.


I didn't know Katey Segal's baby was stillborn - how sad. My heart goes out to her and other mothers who have had this unfortunate experience.


Mike Dirnt of Green Day and his finacee Brittney Cade.Brittney was pregnant in January but ended up loosing the baby three months later.


There is a difference between miscarriage and still birth. People, like myself, who have a stillborn baby, go through delivery, name their baby and have a proper funeral or cremation. If you are going to have such a blog, how about getting your facts straight.


I going through miscarriage right now . I just want everybody know, that even though I am not religious, I am praying every day for happy ending for each of us .


"[Meredith] Vieira is careful to say she does not think less of women who were more willing to leave home than she was and even allows that maybe she is 'a little extreme' in her desire to be with her children. 'The juggling act just never worked for me,' she says now. 'Maybe it was the three miscarriages, so all I was thinking about was a healthy baby, or maybe it’s just who I am, but I never wanted to prove I could be macho. And I was quite successful not proving that, wasn’t I?'"
NY Times, 08/13/06


Thank you so much for posting this. I miscarried a yr ago and I thought I was alone. It was nice to read that I wasnt alone, very sad that they had to go through with it, but we are not alone.


I suffered a miscarriage in Aug ofthis year and think I am going through my second one now in December althoughit hasn't been confimred that I am losing the baby yet. It gives me some strength to know that somany women experience this but also fills me with fear that I will never have a child of my own. I don't mind adopting but I want one of my own- just one. That's all I ask.


How sad! I never knew so many famous women had gone thru losses. I had a Full Term Stillborn Baby Boy in 2003 so I can feel everyone of there pain!

Monica H

To the lady who said there is a difference between miscarriage and stillbirth. There is a difference, however there shouldn't be. Technically, if you lose a child in pregnancy prior to 20 weeks, it is considered a miscarriage. After 20 weeks it's a stillbirth. I had two losses prior to 20 weeks and I named both my sons and had funeral services for them. I went into labor and gave birth to both of them naturally. It's still considered a miscarriage. I don't really like that term because I feel it somehow discounts life. Like the loss was not really a child, not really real. Those two babies were very real, they are my children and regardless of when someone loses a pregnancy, it is still a loss of a dream, of hope and a life that was growing inside one's body.


I just had a miscarriage two weeks ago. I looking to find others who have been through the same's inspiring to see so many women who got through this. Sometimes I feel such isolation, so this helps.


I had a miscarriage around the same time as you Monica. I feel exactly the same as you. Take care honey, i wish you the best of luck in your future.


It's amazing to me how unimportant our lost children are to the U.S. government to not warrant more research into prevention! I love my angel and to me she was alive in my stomach, just not to this world. I delivered her stillborn at 32 weeks the day before my 24th birthday. Even though she was named and we held her and took pictures and had to bury her, she will likely never receive a birth certificate because she "showed no signs of life such as breath, heartbeat, or other movement" after delivery. Sometimes the government and it's definitions of important suck, to be quite honest....


wow...miscarriage sort of runs in my family, both sides. every women in my family has suffered through at least one. my mom has lost 3, twins(run in my family as well) and a single. she was married in 83, and had her first child(my older sister) in 89. i didnt know this until a year or so ago, but i saw a picture of her and my dad on a beach in cali and she is noticably pregnant, the date says 84, i was confused and when i asked she said the date was wrong, i felt so bad when i found out.


I feel compelled to point out that a miscarriage is only up to 19 weeks.
Losing a child after 20weeks is considered a Stillbirth.

Just wanted to let you know.


To all the women who have suffered a loss...You will never forget, but I promise you will eventually heal. I lost my baby at nearly 7 months pregnant. It was a devastating loss. One of the hardest part was the fact that everyone around me didn't really seem to understand and would say things that were very hurtful even though they meant well. I was in the hospital for two days in labor. I came home with empty arms and breast milk coming in. I lost Isabel a year ago and i'm just now starting to feel not so depressed. My husband and I are just now talking about maybe trying again, but I'm not sure I'm really ready. For those that are suffering through this kind of devastation, I'm so sorry and you have every right to be angry, hurt, hateful, upset, and resentful, because that is all part of the grieving process. You will never forget this moment in your life, but those horrible feeling will begin to fade and you'll feel like you can move on. One thing people don't understand is when you suffer a loss life all around you moves on but you're standing still. My heart goes out to all. The best advice I can give anyone is to talk about your loss whether it be a miscarriage or stillbirth. It helps.

Susan W

The first 3 years of my first marriage,I got pregnant and miscarried each year. Then I was diagnosed as a diabetic (age 27). The doctor tried me on diet-control first and it worked. I lost 87 pounds over 3 years. I found out July 1 1994 I was pregnant again. On July 31, I miscarried. The first three miscarriages were all like I had just started an extremely heavy period, but the last one was worse. I had to have surgery. December 1, 1994 I discovered I was pregnant again. My daughter was both 3 months early, weighing 2-lbs. She is now 13 years old, in perfect health. Doctors told me all this stuff that could have been wrong with her. I told her the other day the only thing wrong with her is she acts too much like her father. Her dad and I divorced and have both remarried. No more babies for me, but all this has made me a stronger person.


hi all, i just wanted to post this in support of my very good friend. in november 2007 her baby son was born still, she has arranged a sponsored walk to raise money for baby loss awareness and will be making donations to a few other charitys. if any one is interested in joining in you will be more then welcome. The walk will be taking place in Clacton-on-sea england in August 2008, if you want any more info please contact me at my e-mail
many thanks and my heart is with you all Diane xx

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We're getting precariously close to having Drum become the National Enquirer of the blogosphere.


There are at least two corrections to this.
One is that Yoko Ono had several miscarriages, but also a stillbirth (the baby was due in february, and she would have been at least 24 weeks at the time of the child's death).
Oprah Winfrey had a baby that was born alive when she was 14, but the baby was very premature and died shortly after.

It might be nice to do one for fathers too. Their are many celebrity fathers who have lost children which aren't here.


I too am offended when people offhandedly say I had a miscarriage. I delivered my baby girl at 20 weeks in November. She was stillborn.
However, I'm realizing that for those of us who simply hoped, dreamed, and prayed for her baby, it doesn't matter what you name that loss. It's devastating.


I don't really know how this all works but i had a misscarrige about three or four months ago and i have juist started lactating and having mayjor abdominal cramps. has anyone else had this and have any addvice?


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monica lemoine

WOW - an amazing list. Thanks for compiling - makes me feel like I'm not such a reproductively wacked-out freak!


yeah it's sad that miscarriage/stillbirth is so common but the list of celebs that have gone through it always manages to overlook Joanne Woodward who lost her & Paul Newman's first child on their honeymoon in 1958 only to later successfully bore him three daughters of course in those days things of this nature were hushed up by film studios and especially in her case cause she was an oscar nominee when her miscarriage occoured and won the award about 6 weeks later


no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, losing a baby is a terrible loss

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if the death of a kid is very Difficult But if He Was in the womb is very sad Do Not Understand your obsession with perturbation term


I really feel sorry for all those celebrities..


Babies r a gft 4rm hurts when u conceive then lose è baby.l hd a stillbirth on 3august2010.l wz 33wks pregnant.the physical&emotional pain is unbearable.
I wdnt wish it on my worst enemy.Thnx 4 è celebrity shows we r all human&experience tragedies. To every woman who has lost a baby-l am sorry,jst remember tht were God shuts one window he opens otha ones.Everythng happens 4 a reason.God bles u all


Babies r a gft 4rm hurts when u conceive then lose è baby.l hd a stillbirth on 3august2010.l wz 33wks pregnant.the physical&emotional pain is unbearable.
I wdnt wish it on my worst enemy.Thnx 4 è celebrity shows we r all human&experience tragedies. To every woman who has lost a baby-l am sorry,jst remember tht were God shuts one window he opens otha ones.Everythng happens 4 a reason.God bles u all

Famigliadibertanzetti has been of help to us. Site is for miscarriage, baby loss, and babies born still. Still, very hard!


What about all the poor male celebs who have lost babies? Look at keanu Reeves for instance....

I have had five miscarriages, and then one son who is now seven, it's unlikely I will ever be able to conceive again.


I've only been pregnant twice and both pregnancies have resulted in miscarriage. It is unusually comforting to learn about these celebs who have been through the same thing, but I'm not so sure I'm willing to go through the physical and emotional pain of even 1 more miscarriage before considering adoption. And why doesn't anyone talk about how miscarriage affects marriage? My marriage of 8 years nearly ended in divorce after my 1st miscarriage, which left me severely depressed and resentful towards my husband. Thankfully, we made it through and are in a much better place now.


Whether it's a miscarriage, or a stillbirth- it hurts. Hurts like no other pain. And you feel alone, and angry. Especially when other women around you are pregnant or having healthy babies at the same time. What hurts the most is that you can't fix it and you are scared to try again. I have healthy 9 year old twins (who were born at 7 months) and just had a stillbirth 6 weeks ago. He was almost 9 months gestation. We had two showers. You think you are out of the woods, then BAM. I have yet to experience a TLC delivery.

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