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I'm trying not to stress as I wait. I'm on the home stretch now and I'm dreading being woken up with cramps. I don't feel anything - neither pms or potential pregnancy. Your post makes sense. Total sense. I'm sick of my life being in two-week blocks.

Jen (yup, another one)

Amen, sister! I finally reached that place myself this cycle - ate what I want, drank what I want, didn't temp, didn't test (much - we did want to know BEFORE Cait's birthday if it wasn't happening). And you know what? I was a lot happier, a lot more relaxed. Pregnant? Nope. But it didn't happen when I was a stressball either. It's gonna happen when it's gonna happen, and all the temping, testing, and obsessing won't make it any faster.

I've also thought the same thing about being pregnant even 30 years ago - you just didn't have as much to worry about. You figured out you were pregnant, took it on faith that things were working, and for the most part they did. (Of course in my situation, it could have been dreadful - who knows how much longer the missed miscarriage would have gone unnoticed?) But I do think it would be nice NOT to know so much and not to have so much to fear.

Good luck - I hope Zen works for you, too.


Zen is cracking. See new post. Return to Zen. Return to Zen.

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