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I hope whatever that "something" is, it turns out to be nothing serious. I'm sorry you're feeling so craptastic, I can understand why.

I'm not exactly sure how Technorati works, do you have to be listed for your posts to show up?

I say, ignore it only being 2pm, have a martini anyway.


Bec - I sure with you lived up here - we'd go for mid-afternoon cocktails!


Why wait for the afternoon? :lol:


I hope things are ok with the mammogram. I agree with the others, have a martini! Who cares if it is the afternoon.
I know what you mean about procrastination. I am writing a guide for Newly Qualified Teachers and I am procrastinating big time!


I've heard that before going for IVF many women get put on birth control. It is supposedly a great way for the ovaries to take a rest. Then, I've heard that many women get pregnant right away after going off the pill too. So, I think it's a great thing. If I had a month or two to spare (but I'm almost 44) I'd do it in a second! Have a drink for all of us! Hang in.

Jen (yup, another one)

Sending good thoughts chestward...

Technorati drives me crazy. I don't get why it does and does not pick up certain things. I've even e-mailed their support but gotten no answers.

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