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I wanted to let you know that at a community college close to where I live, the fee for sitting in a yoga class is $35.00. Of course you don't get credit for it but it is pretty cheap when you consider you can go 3 times a week for a full semester. You can also usually sit in for free a class to see if you like it first.


I'm not great at coping with things, I tend to pretend it's not happening, which really doesn't work that well :)

The one thing that really helped after my second miscarriage was writing everything down. Everything I was feeling, physically and emotionally, all the stupid things I was thinking.


The RPL experience has certainly made me wonder how there can be any higher power. It seems cruel that there could be Gods that are so detached and uncaring.

Maybe the universe and the energy in it is just not that complicated or intelligent. Perhaps it is only there when we gather it and mold it for our own needs and peace of mind.

I guess it's easier to stand at my altar and envision myself gathering energy to help me as needed. Somehow it is easier than believing there is a God or Goddess that watches me suffer and does nothing to help.

Finding other women who understand and share my experience has really helped. To me it's more helpful to know that other women think of me and gather their energy to help when I suffer while I do the same for them.

Maybe it's that I feel more in control of my own destiny that way.


I just had a miscariage this past May. It was my first pregnancy. I was 10 weeks along. We went in for our first ultrasound and the doctor told us the baby wasn't going to make it. I was in complete shock. I felt like I was going to die and that my existence had been ripped from me. Thank God for my husband or I would either be dead or really hurt from trying to kill myself.
It felt so unfair that this had happened to me. I am a Montessori teacher by training and have waited my whole life to be a mother.
The only thing that gave me piece was the saying "God never gives us more than we can handle." About a week before we found out our baby had stopped growing my husband and I had the genetic testing conversation. We decided that if something was wrong, we wouldn't keep it. I know that might sound awful to some of you, but that was our decision. However, I know that desicion would be extremely painful and difficult.
So for me I feel God was protecting me from something I might not have been able to do or endure. What if our baby had been born with no heart, or half of a heart (there was no heart found at the ultrasound).
I identify with God, not so much one prophet or another, Jesus or Buddah, but I know there is a power of God over us, helping us, and protecting us.
I hope someone else out there can benefit from my thoughts. Thanks for listening.


Soon it is gonna be a year since I lost my second baby at 8 weeks. I was never the same since then. The second was more painful after we heard the heartbeat. The first one was blighted ovum.
Whenever I see the ultrasound scan photos, it always make me cry.

I am now going through series of tests to make sure my next pregnancy will be safe.

this is one helpful blog. keep it up.

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