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I've been stewing over this for a few days. See, I agree with you. I was (not exactly shaken, disturbed, upset) maybe unsettled when she took the archives down. I am sure some of my reasons were sentimental. Like lots of folks, she was among the first blogs I read.

However, her story was significant to me, not from the point of view of DES or miscarriage, but from the angle of an empowered woman over the medical establishment carving out something that finally worked. The medical establishment was between DES and parenthood for her and I applaud how she took the reins and successfully made brave decisions. I'm sorry that story is lost. And I'm sorry the humor during adversity is lost.

I guess my views could probably be considered on the the feminist side.

For me, that empowerment is role model-worthy and, with her taking down the archives, another declaration proceeds: she is saying in effect that she doesn't want to be a role model or a reference. Is it fair for me to want to have her be a role model or a reference? Yes. I think that is b/c she was an all star of the blogging world and she elicited and received many, many responses in a community she created.

When she didn't know what to buy for a baby, contributers told her and, later, I saw a number of references where people wanted that list that was put together by many, but it was lost with the archives. Simple example.

Honestly, I don't figure I'll buy the book when it probably comes out. However, I would go back to reference her archives if they were there.


Cricket - thanks for commenting on this. I really appreciate your perspective.

And I think you nailed it when you mentioned something at the end of your comment - she is planning to publish a book based on her blog.

Which, to me, points to another reason to remove archives. She can keep them in tact and free from copyright infringement until her book comes out.

If she does come out with the book that she said she planned, then her anonymity may be blown after all - although maybe she won't write the book to remain anonymous.

I'm sure we will all be watching to see how this develops...


I hadn't been surfing blogs as much as of late and missed this development. I guess to each her own. At first when I saw your post through Bloglines I thought you were going to lock down your archives and I thought "NO Aliza!" as you have so much to share.

I had lots of my posts to various forums on my laptop to save them from being deleted but decided to put them on a blog so I could help other women (and men) going through similar experiences. I see from my blog stats that I am, that there are a lots of people searching on some really sensitive topics and looking for answers.

I've thought about whether or not someone would steal my work, but it exists and it is my experience and my links nonetheless. I don't believe I will write a book, but if I do it would be using my research as a source for getting back in there and figuring out what really made sense. I'm not inviting anyone to steal my work, but if it got a broader audience, even some of the information, then it might not be a bad thing.

I bet chez is going to try to publish her words as she has written them and her publisher's legal counsel (or her own) advised her to put a look down on the content due to contractual obligations and what not. Still its too bad for the greater good.

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