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Interesting thoughts.

I definately agree that we, as women, as a society, have lost touch with, not only our bodies, but with ourselves...


But the good old double standard is..that if you should become a mother you are immediately looked at differently by your professional peers and the world in general. Yes, even by your husband. The examples are many, I won't bore you with them. But you do for a time, and if you are not careful, can indefinetely - lose your self.


I have a way to go to feeling that I am a whole woman, even though I am having problems with my girlie bits. I just think that fertiles are sneering at me.


Having three miscarriages in one year in no way felt natural.

If I can't have a child of my blood so be it but walking away from this journey without trying what science has to offer feels unnatural. At least for me.

Each to their own. Our paths are all different and in the end the important thing is to still be proud to be woman. Which we are all... strong, brave and smart, whatever we may choose.


You sound great Aliza. I am in and out of where you are with your last post. I'm so fed up with having my self worth be connected to this task that I can't seem to accomplish. I just had my 3rd m/c two weeks ago Friday. Unlike you, I'm 43 with no time wait. I'm just trying to get some resolve that this may never happen for me. I found a link that helped. It's from the DailyOM called Focusing on the Best You. http:///

It has really helped me reading your blog....I wish you the best.


I am continually amazed at your strength.


Sometimes the worst thing about this grieving is how lonely it is. -No one else can miss this Promise the way I do.
Sometimes the worst thing about this grieving is that I am not alone. -My grief is unending and my partners is done. Methods of recovery must be agreed upon, like adoption, trying again or babysit while I go to the therapist's. -Also, it happens all the many... making you not alone even though you want to be.


I just found your blog and am impressed with your insight and strength. I am on my own journey of healing and appreciate your willingness to share your story. I agree, we base too much of our self-worth on how our uterus functions. A lot of women are able to have children but that doesn't make them good mothers. We can use our desires to nurture in so many ways to make a difference to a child who needs it.

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