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I'm no where, really. We're open to life at the moment, five years down the track, two miscarriages later. I've charted, I've taken Vitex but for the most part I've been depressed and gained weight and also been a little unwilling to admit that I'm, obviously, infertile - all of which, combined reduces my chances of getting and staying pregnant.

At the moment I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that we'll not have children, adopted or other wise. I'd be totally open to adoption but it's really hard to adopt in Australia that it's hardly worth the stress. To start with we'd have to move states and then it could take years to even get on the list to be concidered.


I am so not conceiving right now. We've tried 4 rounds of Clomid, two with IUIs. 2 rounds of injections and IUI. Then surgery to repair my septum and now on the waiting list because the last miscarriage messed up my uterus royally. Not that I'm bitter or anything...


Oh where to begin?

7 years now and I tell ya, you name it and we've tried it! 6 months of clomid, a number of failed IUIs, a new doctor, FINALLY a lap (nothing found), insulin levels high so now I'm on metformin (which appears to be kicking my ass) and impatiently waiting for IVF now. Starting meds in December!


TTC for just over a year, two miscarriages in the past 6 months. Just got a tentative diagnosis of anticardiolipid anitbodies causing clotting problems which might be the root of the miscarriages. Taking October off from TTC to wait for the follow-up bloodwork, then one more try. If that fails we start looking at adoption.

Couldn't survive this without the miscarraige blogs like yours - thanks!


I am seven weeks pregnant. I conceived naturally in between finishing clomid and preparing to start metformin.


My husband and I are actively using birth control. I just graduated from law school and I feel like I want to focus on my career for a few years before we even consider a baby. But, if it happened, we would keep it, of course.

My goal is to be trying to get pregnant about the time I'm going to turn 30 (5 or so years from now). At that time, we should definitely be established, I'll have hopefully completed my LLM, he'll have his Masters and we'll definitely be in a financially safe place to have a baby.

Sometimes reading fertility/infertility blogs makes me wonder whether i should start earlier, but my mother and her mother showed great fertility (my mom had me when she was 34; her mother had my uncle when she was 38) and I have no reason to believe that we are any different in that respect.

I guess it boils down to this: even if I knew it would be harder to have a baby in a few years, I wouldn't change that decision because I don't feel comfortable bringing a child into the world and not being able to give it the best of everything.


Well we just found out yesterday that I am on the rollercoaster again (this is the fourth time after three miscarriages). After 8 months off and two cycles of stims and blood thinners. Scared and hopeful would be the state we are in.

There is nothing wrong with trying when you feel your heart is up for it. Good luck to you.


I'm trying to give up. It's been 8 years, 3 miscarriages, 1 IVF and many failed pregnancy tests. I just turned 42 and given my history and my age, it's unlikely that I will ever bear a child. But I don't think I will truly give up until menopause hits.

We have talked about adopting but both of us are not so sure we want a child badly enough to go through that. Frankly, we're exhausted from trying and adoption is not easy (nor inexpensive). Right now we like having the freedom to do what we want sans children.


Inadvertantly gave my other blog link on that last comment. This comment links to the correct one.

aliza at babyfruit

Wow. I'm overwhelmed here and yet so eternally grateful to be hearing from you all.

And some of you are throwing around terms and meds that I have no clue what they are. metformin? I didn't even know we had septums...

You are all amazing and brave and inspiring. Let's all hang in there together!


I am limboing it right now after a failed IVF cycle and a desired second one with a twist of adoption envy. I do not know what to do. I do not know which way is up and which way is down nor do I know which is the easiest way to a childs loving embrace. Damn infertility.


Metformin is a drug sometimes given to women with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I'm not sure if it's given only to PCOS women that are insulin resistant or not though.


I'm at my new destination-motherhood. We welcomed home our gorgeous baby boy from Korea last month. it was a long, arduous, hellish journey before we got to the point of adoption. our little guy fills my heart and soul with joy yet there will always be a part of me that hurts for the children I never had.


One miscarriage last Jan., ectopic pregnancy this month. Tube was removed and I was diagnosed with endometriosis.
Not sure what to do right now. Will insurance cover a RE visit?
Caution situation emotional and interferes with good patient dr communication, or do I just go back to the doc that did the lap for more detailed answers?
Never thought I would have this much trouble at 30.

plucky punk

Trying to conceive using just tracking ovulation with those sticks you pee on and an ovulation calendar. After trying this for about 8 months I am incredibly frustrated and depressed.

At this point I want to concieve just as a 'fuck you' to the universe. But, for some reason I am hesitant to go to other drug-related medical methods.

I feel like all the crap they spouted to you in health class was a big lie. Teen pregnancy to me is a big myth. I have no evidence that women get pregnant by just having sex with men. There must be something else involved.

Mostly I am astounded at myself for feeling these things in the first place.


I've had two miscarriages... one in December 2004 and the other in March 2005. On day 3 of this cycle I started Clomid. I just about BEGGED the doctor to give me it. I've been using Ovulation Predictor kits for a year now. Even with the Clomid, I'm still using the kit. Today is day 11 and I'm testing... waiting to try again. After the 2nd miscarriage, I went heavily into a depression. Ugh... It was terrible. Now I'm on Zoloft and feeling much better. We've been trying to conceive for almost two years now. We are BLESSED to have an 8-year old son who wants a baby brother or sister really bad. :) I hope we can give him that. Good luck to all of you - My prayers are with you.


Oh... and I should mention... I'm 39. You're probably thinking, "what's the big deal - you already HAVE a child." Yes, I am blessed. But, I know I have more love in me for another child. My husband, son and I just do. :)

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