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I've never tried EMDR, but it sounds interesting.

I don't know if you're actively trying to avoid or not, but I'm assuming you are - if you're not you can linch, draw and quarter me if you like ;)

Have you thought of just being open to life for a few more cycles? I don't mean that in "if you're just open to the universe and relax yadda yadda yadda..." way, I mean in a - it'll give you a couple more stress free months but with a possibility of getting pregnant.

Anyway, that's my thought, I'll go now :D


it is a good thought. I'll just take it as it comes.


I've had experience with EMDR. I found it to be the least useful therapy I've ever engaged in. It well may be a personal thing, but do some research before you get into it.


A woman I know did EMDR and also said it was a huge waste of her time and money.


I was wondering about it - but it won't cost me any extra money - just a single session. I feel like anything is worth a try as long as it doesn't involved needles.


I've tried EMDR-- to get over watching my brother nearly die form cancer. I was very skeptical,mostly just did it to humor my therapist-- but it worked for me. You have to be open to just going with whatever pops into your head. Seemed like a silly thing to do at the time--the therapist tapped my knees alternately. And I'm sure like everything else, it works like a charm for some people, and not at all for others.

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