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tentative congratulations. Love your list and I'd like to add "hoping for constipation"



What great news. At least it is another shot. Sending you lots of sticky baby thoughts.

I'm obsessing too and I'm only 6dpo (I hate it when I feel this way, I tend to waste HPTs when I do). I've been worrying about hot baths, sore boobs, caffeine, whether my cough medicine for my bronchitis would interfere with implantation (or would it improve it?) I'll continue to worry about things until next Tuesday at least -- I've figured out that if I don't have a postive HPT by day 12 that I'm pretty much sunk that cycle. And if I should be lucky enough to get two pink lines I'll just be endlessly distracted until I get a scan showing an embryo with a heartbeat -- something we have never seen with our two losses. Until then I'm popping my iron supplements.

Sending you so many good thoughts right now. ((hugs))




sorry for writing your name wrong, I was thinking about a client when I wrote Alyssa.

So, what DPO was your beta drawn taken?


Yep sounds like exactly what is going on in our house as well. Rooting for you and your possible.

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