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Thanks for posting these links Aliza. Super helpful. I connected with the blighted ovum article, though it was a bit sterile and flat -- such a far cry from how my blighted ovum felt to me.

The stress one, ya know it resonated with my second loss. I was under a lot of bad stress then in the early weeks of my pregnancy. And I even called it for another gal I know who got pregnant right before Hurrican Katrina blew into her hometown -- her symptoms were so similar and I knew that she was going to lose hers as well, and then she did a few weeks later. With bad bleeding as well, just like mine.

I hope they start to learn more about this pregnancy stuff soon though even then I'm sure things might equally get more complicated. Do we really want to know right away that our pregnancy is a failure or not. I'm not sure.


Aliza, thank you for the miscarriage info it is very helpful. I somehow missed the NY Times article on PGD even though I read the Times every day.

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