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Hi Aliza,

I have been following your blog since Feb. 23rd. The day after I found out that my 3rd pregnancy would also end in MC. Your site has offered me so much valuable information, thank you. After having 3 MCs I have finally found out that I am heterozygous for MTHFR and that my Protein S levels are/were low. Both of which affect blood clotting while pregnant. I have a follow-up OB appointment tomorrow. Next, I will be seeing a hematologist. This is all new territory for me but your site has been so helpful to me. I am sorry for your losses but am happy that this pregnancy seems to be going well. Thanks again.


I'm so happy you got some straight answers on the Lovenox finally. Everything they said runs right along the same lines as my MFM doctor btw. Many women in his office stop the Lovenox a week before delivery too with no ill effects. Thanks for the info on the aspirin though I am gonna talk to them about that as they never mentioned stopping it.

The carbon monixide issue *scary* its great though that you know and can check it now. Maybe your gas or power company has a service where they will come out and test it for you? Ours advertises this from time to time. Good luck.

Hurrah that baby girl is doing well. It is certainly ironic that the Lovenox may be keeping the monoxide issues at bay. (go lovenox!)

Wishing you the best.



That's so scary about the CO possible issue. Definately call your heating company or a furnace maintenance company to come check to see what's going on. How old is your furnace?

Here are a few links I've found:

Mama Kelly

what a scary thing ... i;m glad you and the baby are ok but pooling of blood in the placenta is certainly enough to inspire fear


Hi Aliza,

This is a while after these posts but I have been looking for information on miscarriage due to carbon monoxide poisoning. I hope everything has turned out ok for you.

Myself, I went to get an US at 12 wks for general genetic testing only to be told that there was no fetal heartbeat and that my baby had stopped growing at 7.5 wks. Of course this was absolutely devastating and although we will never know the true reason for my missed miscarriage I keep thinking about carbon monoxide. The reason being that through Christmas and the New Year our detector had been going off. It was very random and did not seem to persist but then our neighbors downstairs seemed to be having a constant alarm going off. It started with me smelling a strong gas odor (but I know that CO does not smell, but this was the first "clue"). We got someone in here who said there was CO detected and then the next day it was fixed and apparently levels were normal. The thing is this is the exact time that the fetus died. I never really experienced symptoms myself so everyone kept telling me that things would be fine, I do remember feeling absolutely exhausted and "not well" but I thought this was just normal pregnancy stuff. I wonder if anybody has more information on the effects of carbon monoxide on miscarriage and whether small amounts can cause them.

dofus kamas

on miscarriage and whether small amounts can cause them.

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