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Having had 4 MCs myself, I'm very grateful for all of the wonderful advice you've posted- now and in the past.
Thanks much!


Same for me, too. Four miscarriages, now I'm 28 years old, and will do anything to hold onto my next pregnancy. I write down all the drug names so when I go to the doctor, I can ask for things by name, and they won't think I am some idiot who has no idea what they're talking about. They know I'm doing my research and won't settle for "just keep trying" crap.


thank you for this wonderful info. i've been pulling for you!
one thing i've come to realize through my miscarriages, is when it happens(healthy pregnancy), and i pray it does....i won't take one single second for granted--enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. You answered so many of my questions...I have been searching back through your site to try to find the answers to these exact questions. I especially appreciate the info on the Lovenex, as I am currently waiting results for clotting disorder tests. Mine were slightly elevated before and are being rechecked.

My husband & I are getting ready to try again this cycle after 3 m/c, and I'm terrified.

I truly appreciate you sharing your story and all of the amazing information you have had to learn during this process. Thank you again.


Thank you for sharing all of your stories with us. Although I do have a son through IVF, I now have had 3 m/c in the past year. I talked to my RE just last week about the Lovonex, apparently we don't do that here in Canada, but we are going to monitor the progesterone and I will be taking the suppliments.

As hard as this has been for you, please know that you have made a difference. Wishing you well for your last ten weeks.

savvy saver

Can the supplements cause harm if you already have enough progesterone being produced by your ovaries?


Thanks for this website! I just filled a prescription of Prometrium (progesterone) and I have been on Lovenox since before I found out I was pregnant (2 weeks prior). I was a little scared when I saw "Do not take this drug if you become pregnant" written on the side, but after reading this, I am more at peace about it and my pregnancy. We are 5-6 weeks right about now and my first sonogram is on Jan 12th. I'm pretty sure things will work out fine. This information was very insiteful.

God bless,

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