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Susan Wensel

Thank you for posting this. This behavior certainly should not be tolerated. What that store manager did is a form of sexual harrassment. All he and the customers who complained could see was a sexual object -- despite what she was actually doing (which can hardly be considered sexual). That manager needs sensitivity training in the worst way. And I told them so.

I strongly recommend that any who read your blog complain to the store about this. I know it didn't happen to you, but we need everyone's voice in this if we hope to stop it.

Thank you.

aliza at babyfruit

I'll be traveling with a breastfeeding infant to Europe and South America ,and I am pretty sure I won't be encountering this kind of treatment. I have found in the past that Europeans and South Americans - actually anyone from any other country I've visitied - have an attitude that the human body is natural so something like breastfeeding would be natural and even beautiful. How our "liberated, free" country could be so bass ackwards is freaky.

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