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Sounds to me like things are getting ready for delivery(yahoo!!). I felt very similar starting about a week before I delivered. Crampy, icky, tired, restless(but couldn't move to much), and I started getting braxton hicks. I hadn't had any up to 6 days before I delivered, and I beleive they actually were doing something because I my delivery was FAST! Almost to fast.

So I would guess you'll be early, but on the other hand I know women who've had contractions and been 4cm for just never know!


Do you like the number 4? I see June 4th. I think you're gonna be early my friend.


I too felt just like that for the last week or so. The menstrual crampyness is all part of the braxton hicks experience. I think the tinglyness in the nether regions is from pressure on nerve endings. I didnt really feel any sensations prior to the plug starting to come away, but then my cervix didnt really do much of anything.

And have you been reading Alice In Wonderland? Thats a very bizarre dream, but the velvet tuxedo is a nice touch!


Your list of new feelings and physical changes are identical to what I felt about a week and a half before I went into labor- I especially remember the strange heart palpitations because no one had ever told me about them!

Hope you don't mind, but I just read your dream aloud to my husband, and he officially declared your mind to be even stranger and more creative than mine! (a big feat, he says). I cracked up about the tux!

plucky punk

I, too, have been feeling weird twinges in the vaginal region...I get similar twinges right before my period begins usually, which I always kind of figured was my cervix rejiggering in preperation for menstruating. I agree it's probably the mucus plug doing stuff, but probably I should just ask my doctor.

The main thing that's been bugging me is incredible pain in my hips and pelvis, especially when walking, getting out of bed, getting out of the car, or basically anything that requires putting one foot in front of the other.

I asked my doctor about that and he said it was the relaxin hormone making the cartilage on the front of my pelvis widen in preperation for birth. But wow, it seriously hurts to the point where I've been walking with a cane. Once my hip actually gave out and I fell over.

Maybe that means I'll have an easy birth.

aliza at babyfruit

Yeah, that loosey goosey hip thing is just intense! I've had even more pain in hips and quads getting out of bed or getting out of a chair and this morning toppled into the wall on the way to the bathroom - just a gentle stumble but simply because my joints gave out momentarily. I'm now walking like a 99 year old woman - a cane would sure come in handy.


Sounds like the beginning stage of labor to me (which can come weeks ahead of time). A few weeks before I had my son, I noticed a sharp pain in my upper rib cage (like a runner's stitch). Found out later that was labor pain. During more active labor, it moved to the front and radiated down to the pubic area.

Everything is pushing towards your pubic area which may explain the twinges of pain (?).

I felt like you did about 2-3 weeks before labor, and was weekly going to the Dr and I was only 2-3 cm dilated. Eventually my Dr would schedule my induction, and I don't know if it was because it was scheduled, but I always started feeling better once it was. Also my ob erred on the low side, and my 7 lb baby were nearly 9 lbs.
My daughter and I's favorite picture from her birth is moments after she is born, her Dad holding her. He has tears running down his face and a huge smile, you can feel his love. She graduates from kindergarten this week with a big event, and we expect Dad will be teary-eyed again.

Mrs X

Ok. The dreams. Gah, the dreams! Pregnancy? Does very strange things to your head. Or, it has to mine and given the french rabbit, I'd say yours too.
I once had a dream that an ice cream truck was being driven down our street with the music blaring at 4 am and being chased by the police. It was so real I actually got up, after the second pass of said ice cream truck, to see what was going on.
My husband has yet to let me live that down.
And there was the one where I gave birth and the baby immediately began to eat my arm. As in my entire arm was in his mouth. Clearly? Disturbed.

Point is, hormones do funny things to the mind.

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