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plucky punk

I know what you mean about the boob color thing. My nipples are practically purple.

Don't know about the prepping for milk thing, and have actually been sort of looking for an answer to this myself. My mom tells me I should be roughing them up with a washcloth to make them less sensitive, but I read online that this isn't so. Seemed counter intuitive anyway.


I don't think there's anything you can do before the baby is born to prep for breastfeeding. At least I haven't heard of anything. You don't need to try to express anything right now ... it would probably be more uncomfortable than it is worth. Your BBs are just gearing up for things, which is very normal. Hell, I'm only 13 weeks pg, and I'm already getting that tingly/letdown feeling. Niiice.


They used to tell you to prep your nipples, but now they say you don't need to do anything. One thing that helped me get through the early days of breastfeeding was a nipple shield. My baby sucked about 24/7 for the first three days before my milk came in and it kept me from getting cracked and bleeding.

About the pigmentation, I didn't get it, not even the linea negra (but I got icky stretchmarks, so don't hate me). Cecily at wasted birth control talks about her dark pigmentation. In people's comments to her, they said the dark skin sloughs off after pregnancy...

And I don't know why, but I never get a letdown feeling. I wonder if others experience this too?


Leave the boobs alone. There's nothing you can do that will make the milk come down earlier or better or anything. Definately dont try to "toughen them up", because you want them supple, not tough. Time alone will make them less sensitive. About two weeks for me.

The pigmentation thing: the nipples are supposed to get darker so the baby can see them better in low light. I dont know about the whole breast going darker though. But then, why did my belly button, of all things, get darker?

Captain Mom

When your baby arrives, she will do all that needs to be done. Her suckling will give your brain all the info it needs to send down the colostrum, and signal your milk to come in. For me, that's usually between the 3rd-4th day.

No matter what the lactation consultants say about a "proper" latch on preventing chapping, or any discomfort or pain, I had champion nursers, that always left me with 10 days to 2 weeks of chair gripping when they would start to nurse, and after that, it was smooth sailing. Lansinoh helped a lot.

Dark nipples, breasts and the like? I think there's no end to the weirdness that pregnancy brings! My husband says my nipples looked like Husky pencil erasers! And told our friends, thankyouverymuch!

Blessings in the last couple of weeks, and beyond.


Ditto leaving the boobs alone. They're preparing themselves. I didn't get such dramatic pigmentation changes, but color did change. I still look different to me now, and my son's 15 months. Diffently check out There is so much great bf info there. Even pictures and links to videos to help you. Here's the newborn page link if you only have time for a fly-by:

Also, sounds like you're getting close to the end : ) Seems like swelling is one of the first labor signs from all I've heard (and experienced - I swelled and gained "cankles" about 1.5 weeks before my son was born). I'm so excited for you!


I'm due with my 3rd around the same time as don't need to do anything. If you take a lot of showers with soap, don't soap them, and consider putting a little Lansinoh on them. (BTW, Lansinoh brand is a LOT better than most off brands...gets softer). Put the Lansinoh in your hospital bag, too. After baby comes & your milk comes in, express a couple of drops of your own milk after nursing, apply to nipples & allow to air dry. Use Lansinoh for any cracks. I agree with PP, I've found no way to prevent a week or two of mild blistering and cracking, but if you nurse right through the pain (don't avoid it), you'll heal faster and be on to pain-free nursing. My baby is switching from ROA to LOA and back again, too.

- A.M.

P.S. To express your milk, tap gently and find the little bumps under your areola. They tend to appear around it in little intervals like the numbers on a clock dial would. Pinch across opposite sides and roll your fingers inward, over the bumps. You might see a bit of clear colostrum come out the nipple, or milk, or you might not notice anything just yet. You might also notice spots of dry skin and colostrum popping free in various spots on your nipple. This is normal...just the pressure of you expressing is causing the ducts to open up. You don't NEED to do any of this (baby will do), but you sounded like you were curious about what you could do. I wouldn't pump or do anything to bring your milk needs the high-calorie colostrum first. It's like a high calorie snack that has lots of medicinal qualities. HTH.


I was puffy girl as well towards the end. My feet took about a week after the birth to go down as well.


don't do anything to your breasts - just leave them be unless you develop a fever, or redness and pain in a localized area.

nipple shields should be avoided during initiation of lactation - they cut down on nipple stimulation and don't allow you to reach maximal milk production. They have their place if there is a problem, but they should only be used under supervision.

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