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FYI - your arms will get much much stronger once you start carting around a 7 lber everywhere you go.

Mrs X

Before Hurricane's birth? I read my pregnancy week by week book as though it were my salvation and I'm still not really sure why.
After? During nursing sessions (you know, when I still actually had time to read) The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.
Now? blogs and the back of cereal boxes at Trader Joe's. Woo-hoo.


It sounds like you have a great birth plan already in place - I would start digging through some baby books.


I left before suggesting anything!!!

I ended up pitching one book I received in particular because it made me more anxious rather than helping me (What to Expect the First Year). I ended up doing a comparison on how my son was doing on a daily basis and became a slave to it until I finally gave it away at 3 months.

What ended up helping me more than anything was siginig up for for a year's worth of Parenting magazine. It's nice small tidbits of information seemed to be just what I needed...that and my mom.


What wonderful news Aliza, I didn't know you were expecting! It is so exciting to plan for the big day. Don't you feel that you want it to come and not come at the same time? When I was pregnant for the first time I was so scared and craved, just like you, for more information every day. I wish you the best! Hey, I need some blogging advice sometime. :)

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