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The movements totally slow down during the last couple of weeks, and yes, it does your head in.


Yes, the movements slow down. And I had that same feeling, like my son was doing somersaults all the time and then he was doing it much less at times that I expected him to be moving, like when I turned over on my side and after I ate. It's totally normal.


I think that my daughter started to not move as much, and her movements weren't as sharp as they used to be. I remember on my due date, I felt NOTHING....had to page the Dr. and finally after downing big glass of juice and lying there for 30min, I woke the baby up. Little Noa Grace is just getting into her sleeping/waking patterns. Trust your instinct...!!


Even with my third baby, I went in once during the late third trimester to be screened due to decreased fetal activity. It is very scary to experience, and I don't blame you at all for worrying, but the vast majority of times things are fine (in my personal experience).

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