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All I can say is, bring yourself a large pair of shoes or slippers, 'cause no one tells you that your feet will bloat to the size of a float after you have the baby and you'll have to wear those sad little paper slippers that the hospital provides out to the car 'cause you can't get your own (pregnant person and already bloatedly oversized) regular shoes on. Good luck!


I didn't find this information anywhere. If your water breaks naturally while you are at home, you will need diapers for keeping you from dripping all over the place. My contractions didn't start for several hours after my water broke - so we waited before going to the hospital. Otherwise they give you drugs to make the contractions begin and the drugs cause the contractions to be very painful. I actually used a towel as a diaper to prevent leakage. I had my first child in less than 4 hours from the time I got to the hospital. Keep in mind I was 42yo, didn't do any drugs and didn't need an episotomy or stitches. Contractions were easy to manage - the last 15 minutes of pushing torture. PS: Use a tub to manage your contractions. Have an easy delivery.


I think you're right when you say that you probably won't get to most of the items in your bag. I took so many things with me that I didn't need.

You will probably be in a gown, or naked when you birth. Birthing can get messy so if you do wear anything, be prepared to throw it away.

Nobody told me that for a few days after birthing, you are literally gushing blood and other liquids. So, be prepared to stain anything you wear for a day or two after you give birth. I gave birth in a hospital and they gave me disposable underwear and huuuuuge pads that were so helpful.

The mints and lip balm are excellent. I had them in my bag and definitely used them.

Good luck with your birth! I have been lurking on your blog for a while, and I'm really happy for you.

OH! As for nipple cream, do you have the Lansinoh brand nipple cream? It is 100% better than any other cream. If you are breastfeeding, your nipples will HURT for the first week or two. Your consultant will tell you that it won't hurt if you're doing it right. That's bull. They will hurt and crack and bleed, and then one day they will be totally fine. I was told that my latch was great, and I still cried in pain for the first two weeks everytime I fed my baby. In the mean time, the Lansinoh cream helped to relieve the pain like no other cream. Now, breastfeeding is a very enjoyable experience for me and my baby.


You might consider putting in a couple of cheaping baby caps/blanket that you can put on/around NG after she is born and then have your mom or G bring home and let the dogs smell/sleep with to get use to NG's scent before you bring her home. Works like a charm introducing the newest family member.


TOO MUCH STUFF!! Everything you take you will have to lug home, PLUS the baby. Take one nursing bra, not 2 or 3. Take extra underwear, but not tons of extra clothes, just one outfit to go homw in and one to sleep in. You might be surprised at how, during labor, you will have "tunnel vision" and hearing,a dn will not be able to focus on anything but your own body and what it is doing. Extra advice: all the stuff in your room that the hospital provides:TAKE IT ALL HOME. I was transferred to the hospital after 30 hours of labor at a birth center and arrived with nothing but one change of clothes. Not even my contact lens case or a toothbrush. And the hospital, like a hotel had evrything I needed. Don't overpack, it is easy to do. Good is so exciting!!

aliza at babyfruit

LOL! Well, I don't have a very strong hubby for nothing - he's prepared to pack it all in and pack it all out!

The reason, for me at least, to bring 2 nursing bras is that one is comfortable enough for me to sleep in and the other is better support during the day. That is how I use them even now.

I can't imagine sleeping without a bra on with these monster boobs. I've tried and they keep me awake even more than baby. As for change of clothes, I just have 1 - loose, dark colored sweats and a comfy top.

And if you are like me - picky about comforts from home even when traveling - having one's own toothbrush or at least the right type (soft, small head) is important. My gums bleed enough without a harder bristled brush to rip them up. And I use Tom's of Maine toothpaste - the regular stuff makes me gag and in some cases, causes me to break out in mouth sores. My skin is so sensitive that if I use regular soap of any kind, my skin will dry and crack.

Yeah, in some cases, I probably will be too focused to give a damn, but if I can help it, I'd rather not get cankersores or red, dry, cracked skin in the early days of caring for baby.

As for nipple cream, yes, a good friend sent me the Lasinoh and my sister recommended I test it first since I am allergic to wool. It seems to be okay so far (tested it yesterday). And if anyone's nipples will dry out, crack and bleed, those would be mine. They've done it over the years if I don't dry them thoroughly - very dry skin.

In the Boy Scout way of doing things, my motto here is Be Prepared. I will laugh later when I think of the 25 out of 27 things I do not use, but I'd rather be laughing then rather than whining now.


I'm with you on the "rather be laughing then rather than whining now" thing, Aliza. I WAY overpacked my bag when I had my daughter, but just knowing that I had EVERYTHING I could possibly want during the hospital stay made me feel comfy and more secure. (I had to have a c-section and hated being in the hospital for so long!).

Make sure to bring a few extra pairs of comfy socks. I leaked all over from sitting on the birthing ball, and my feet were just so cold and wet until my mom and hubby realized they should change my socks.


Really soft toilet paper. Trust me, you'll be glad for it. The hospital stuff is usully like sandpaper.

LOTS of maternity pads. You'll go through a couple of dozen in two days.

Hair ties.

A soft cushion for the car on the way home - an inflatable yoga cushion takes the pressure off the sore bits.

Camera, of course.

I took so much stuff it looked like we were moving in, but then I ended up being there for a week so I was very glad I'd done the Scout thing. And its good to have choice, because you dont really know what you're gonna feel like having around you in the midst of labour.

Oh, and take a photo of NG. It will help to keep your eye on the prize.


Things I Definetly used...
LANSINOH cream....I went through two tubes in 6 weeks...yup needed it bad. Pajama's...I actually went home in pajama's. you really know what's on the floors??? flip-flops for showers...again, do you really know what is on the floors. Panties..I got really cheap really big ones...b/c you will be 6 months preggo and will comfort in *that* region is ESSENTIAL. List of phone numbrs and people to call once baby was born. Extra batteries. Own shampoo and body wash. Disposable toothbrush/paste(again germs ewww...) I am a nurse...lets just say I cleaned my shoes with bleach wipes when I'd go home.
SNACKS....I don't know about everyone else, but I was FAMISHED after labour, they could not feed me enough...pretzels anything. BRING SOME
Things I definetly did not use
nursing pads...milk didn't come in, so I didn't use them at all...not even once. I brought a bra but didn't use it since I was to busy whipping my boob out ALL the time. I only used one when I was home and had to go somewhere or company was over.
Own pillow...well....all I can say is germs germs germs...icky!!!
Things I wish I had brought
Nursing pillow(at the hospital they can be pretty crappy). I think that was just about it for now. I personally didn't like distractions when I was laboring but that is something you will discover so try anything that will help. I have heard taht water is fantastic....I found myself cold wet and in ALOT of pain so try everything so that you know what works for you, you will be surprised! Good luck


What was in my birthing bag? Nipple cream & nipple pads I never ended up using because breastfeeding didn't work, lots of pads and underwear and obviously a couple of changes of clothing and C's diaper bag. The hospital supplied me w/so much I ended up using their stuff and not mine so much (I'm paying for it anyway).

I enjoyed packing my bag(s) - meant it was right around the corner!


Ditto on forgetting the nursing pads. You most likely won't need them (unless your in the hospital for 5+ days, which is a whole 'nother ball game) Also, don't use the pads too much in the beginning. Only when you go out or have "special" company. The pads can trap the moisture next your nipples which can cause thrush and complicate the "breaking in" period of nursing. I found when I stopped using the pads for awhile, I finally "got used" to nursing and didn't hurt. I was able to use the pads fine though at 8 weeks when I went back to work. Used them until 7 months I think before my chest decided to ration the flow ; )

Also stock up (at home, hospital provided me plenty) on the huge overnight pads for your "delicate" bits. Nothing like having a built-in cushion during those first few weeks.

One more... plenty of socks (4-5 pairs?) That's what I used the most since my water broke first. I never made the connection that the body regenerating the amniotic fluid means that after it breaks, you will leak everytime you move! I soaked my socks every time I stood up!

aliza at babyfruit

Good tip about the extra socks! This is all very helpful indeed.

I have to admit that as I've been trying to make my compilation music CDs, I just can't figure out what the heck I'll want to hear - if anything. It is getting to be more frustrating which may my intuition telling me that I should just chuck the music idea. Or maybe just have some ambient sounds (ocean, bells, birds, chanting). When I started adding songs like All Right Now by Free and Brick House by the Commodores, I knew I was starting to lose it - although I do have some weird vision of me boogying down to some disco or rocking out to some 70s classic hits.

Jen (yup, another one)

Nail clippers - you will want to keep your nails short so a) you don't scratch the baby, and b) when you need to break the seal on her latch and reattatch her you're not poking her with long nails.


i'm so excited for you...
I would second the recommendation on the nursing pillow -- that pretty much filled my bag up the second time around. The two hospitals I gave birth in didn't provide them
No clothes that you would not throw away because of the bleeding
I also brought my own shampoo & shower gel because there was nothing nicer then using my own stuff after my c section
good thing you are bringing snacks -- even though I had told my husband to eat before we went to the hospital, he was still munching jello & crackers (which is all they had at the nursing station) at midnight!
re music -- maybe have a few CDs so you can have more rocking songs on one CD and then more relaxing stuff on the other CD?

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