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plucky punk

Yeah, this is exactly how I've felt the past few days (except for instead of the ren faire, it was the gay pride parade). And today I was sooo sick all day, seems like the hormones are gushing anew.

I wonder which one of us will go first...race ya!

aliza at babyfruit

You're on! haha! I'm just so not in a hurry but not hesitating either. Today, I'm just feeling pretty darn normal - as normal as you can with a hip out of whack, a belly the size of Texas and a cervix that keeps whining!


Thinking of you, praying for you and hoping that NG makes her appearance soon. I know it's rough, especially with her moving so much, but you sound like you are in such a good space mentally and physically. You're doing such an awesome job at resting when you can and taking wonderful care of yourself. I know you are going to bring your baby into the world in such a positive, powerful way.


exciting to read about maternity reflexology in practice.

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