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I went through almost exactly what you described with my Emma, and I was in tears reading this. I'm so glad you have an LC that is truly *there* for you like this, and that you found her to be so helpful!!! When I had mastitis, my fever got so bad that I was actually hallucinating that the Fratellis from "The Goonies" were in my living room! LOL

Sending healing thoughts to you as you continue on this journey. I know that it is so difficult, but I have faith in you.


that was from me, Kier :)


I can honestly say I know what you are going through. I had mastitis 4 times in six weeks. It's the hardest part of having a baby I think!! You are doing a fabulous job. Keep on trucking, this will get better. You are a trooper, most people do give up. You CAN do this!! Do whatever it is that works for you!!


oh, Aliza, I can hear both your pain and your immense dedication in this post and I salute you. I didn't ever get mastitis but I had pain (cracking, blistering, bleeding) that sent me to tears a few times during me and my boy's breastfeeding extravaganza. Many were the times when I determined to quit, and just giving myself permission to quit somehow gave me the strength to hang in there a bit longer. In the end, I went much longer than I had originally thought possible, but less than I'd come to hope for. You're going to do fine once you get over the hump, I'm sure. Take care and best to Noa Grace.


I think some pain is normal. I didn't have mastitis, bleeding, cracking, any of it. And it still hurt like crazy. I cried when the milk let down. It hurt from my collar bone to my breast. How come we don't tell people this? It did get better, and we nursed for a year. Hang in there.

Jersey Girl

Well, yes, breast is best for you and baby Noa Grace. One day she will thank you for your dedication - when she has her first baby. Know that your initial pain, which will subside, has set her up for a lifetime of good health. (See the June 13 NYT article on the latest Breastfeeding research/info.) Positive vibes to you, baby and daddy.


You poor thing! I can't believe the first LC overlooked mastitis! What kind of an idiot is she? I'll bet you feel at least 90% better within 24 hours. Antibiotics work fast (when they work). Some women have nipple pain when they first start to breastfeed, especially RED HEADS. It passes. There is also pain with let down when you first start out. For me, that lasted for a long time, maybe a couple of months, then the let-down was no longer painful. I had engorgement and leakage for six months, but I was a freak with oversupply problems. (Believe me, I went around with cabbage leaves in my bra many days. It really works!)

The good news here is that your baby is gaining weight, even though you're only using one breast. Do you know how awesome that is? Another thing to celebrate is that anecdotally, many nurses and doctors have told me that women who have had fertility problems often have trouble breastfeeding due to hormones being out of whack. You are making plenty of milk! That rocks! It's so unlucky that you got mastitis right at the beginning, when it's hard to tell what is going on without experience. I'm so sorry for your pain and distress. I had mild mastitis when my son was 4 months, but it passed on its own with a lot of nursing and liquids and rest. Keep using Lansinoh. Love that stuff. It's good for your hands or any other part of you that is dry, cracked, and ouchy.


You cannot believe what a difference a few more weeks will make. You'll be whipping boobs out right and left (pun intended), no thought to it at all, while NG latches right on. You'll be able to type, talk on the phone, and probably cook in this state! This WILL pass, and the beauty and joy and satisfaction of nursing your baby will come. Not just the shredded nips and inflamed glands.

You are doing the right thing, and sharing with others how it can be overcome.

Hang on, better is coming soon.


I just want to offer my support and sympathy. When my firstborn was young, he sucked the skin off my right nipple - literally. I had a big, dished-out ulcer on the nipple and it was the most painful thing ever. I had to pump it and yada yada -- long story short, it was fine, he nursed til he was 13 mos old. But it was REALLY hard at first and it took a lot of dedication. I'm sure you can do it too. Good luck.


I remember the pain all to well. The pain does pass, just don't give up. There is no way to describe the bond that breastfeeding creates. On my fourth or fifth day with my son, I was in so much pain I did supplement with formula for a few feedings. And I think that really helped my nipples recover quicker. Just a it gave Daddy a chance to feed him.


Just wanted to say how very sorry I am that you've gone through all of this. It is so, so hard! But I am so glad that you found a good and kind LC ... mine saved my life a million times over, I'm sure! I am so glad that you're being cared for and it really sounds like things will be greatly improving soon. I hope that "the missiles" heal quickly and that ... well, stuff just stops hurting soon! Hang in there ... I know this is really rough, but you are doing such an awesome job. ((HUG))


Sorry you have mastitis, but so happy that you got the right information and treatment. Hooray for a good LC.

Isn't it funny how you just want to cry every time it feels like someone else reassures you that it's not you, its ....insert your favorite word like breast, latch, noises keeping you awake. Whatever it is it sure feels good for someone to tell you it's ok, and it's normal.


Hi Aliza: I had a very tough time feeding mine at first, including mastitis, infected bleeding nipples and excruciating pain. I had given up with my first when it wasn't easy (like I naively thought it was going to be). With my second I stuck with it. I still had pain (I took ibuprofen for the pain); I still had to pump (it was my right breast, too :-). We got through it in the end, and there was a turning point at about 8 weeks when it became pain free and easy and we continued until a year ago, when my son was 20 months. I am so happy I've had the experience. I needed to hear stories of how it was hard oh so hard, but eventually worked. Ineeded to hear that so that I could know that it wasn't hard just because I was doing it wrong or my body was wrong, but that it's just hard for some women and babies some of the time at the beginning. Hence my comment.


Yes, hearing this information is scary, but I really appreciate it. A friend of mine just had her first baby and dealt with thrush. I'm one of the people who believed that breastfeeding was easy and smooth. It's important to me to hear the truth and that there are things to watch for to help me problem solve when it's (G-d willing) my turn.

I just last night announced my own pregnancy on my blog even though I'm at 19 weeks. I've been debating how much I'm willing to share, but your blog is a helpful model.

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