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plucky punk

Oh, good luck!


A good rule of thumb is that active labor has begun when the contractions don't peter out occasionally. It's fun to read your updates. Go you! Don't get discouraged if they send you home again. I swear they try to make you feel stupid for coming in to get checked. Then, you can be fully dilated, ready to deliver, and they won't believe you, as if you know nothing and they know everything. "You can't be ready yet! Uh oh! Get someone in here. NOW!" Silly people.


I'm assuming since you haven't updated in almost 24 hours that you are in the hospital having the baby! Hope all is well with you and NG!



I just stumbled across your blog. I just suffered my very first miscarriage, first pregnancy. It was inspiring to read your story. I am so sorry for your losses and I congratulate you on your new healthy baby! I am so sorry about your dog. I cried reading your post about his death. He sounded like such a good, loyal dog. He was so cute! He has all your Angel Babies keeping him company up there!
Please know that your blogging does help others. And thanks again!

Sharon Simons

Looks like you had a bumpy journey towards becoming a mom, at last and I am so happy to see you have finally become a Mom! This blog is great! Nice to see you finally came to the end of your journey. Every Mom has a Journey towards becoming a Mom at Last. If that journey took you through Surrogacy, Adoption, or In-Vitro Fertilization, Mom at Last is the place to find information, success stories, & inspirational quotes. Visit our Mom Community today at
Every Mom has a let's connect & celebrate it!

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