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Yeah!! Poop!!

It still amazes me what I as a mother now find exciting, how easily excitable I am, and how willing I am to talk about poop in public!!


Isn't amazing that you find joy in the weirdest things when you have a baby? lol


I'm sure we'll all look back on this and laugh and laugh in 16 years...all except NG who will be in the middle of teenage angst. My guess is discussing this with her boyfriend when he comes to introduce himself won't help.

Hard to imagine, isn't it.


Aliza ~ I am SO happy for you! I've been reading your blog for a very long time. I finally got back here recently... I figured you'd given birth and it looks like you have! CONGRATS! I looked at the pics and she is absolutely adorable! A gorgeous, BEAUTIFUL child. What a blessing. After all you've been through... A blessing. XO ~ S


I am obsessed by my baby's poos and examine them closely. She has a pattern - she gets a lot of wind built up in the early morning so we put her on her rummy in our bed and we massage her back. Then she'll usually do two to three big splurts by mid-morning.

mama kelly

i am so sorry to read that you are having all kinds of pain above and below the waist ...

glad to hear that the little one is pooping, and with witnesses LOL

hope you feel better soon

mama kelly

PS that is one beautiful baby!!!


Congratulations. I have been away for a while so I didn't find out you had the baby for a while. Good luck with the breastfeeding..don't give up it is totally worth it.


Wow Aliza, I'm so sorry about all the bf issues! I'm so proud of you for sticking it out though. Many don't. Also for going in for help with the lc's. I was too "modest" in those first weeks and had to learn through trial and error. Ouch! Sounds like your on the road to healing though.

Anyways, with the "nether" regions.. Are you still using the witch hazel pads? (I think that's what they give at the hospital) They were a life saver to me, and I used them for the first 3 weeks I think. Also try the sitz baths. They didn't work for me, but others swear by them. Another option, do you think your getting a rash from the gore of lochia? I got a mild one and used some baby Aquaphor. It was gone within a day or so!

Also, have you got a post-pardum support, girdle, or even some spandex pants? Abs are majorly traumatized in pregnancy, and I used an ace bandage wrapped tight around my lower belly for a few days. It helped a lot with the achiness.

Ok that's my novel for today. Thanks for the pics of NG. She's so cute!

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