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Just my two cents...she sounds like she is just doing to normal rooting reflex. I think that hardness is the milk starting to come in, they turn into what feels like rocks right before it happens.

Congratulations on your little one. I have been following you for inspiration for a while now.


Answer to your questions (or an attempt to answer): yes, your milk is definitely coming in. That feeling will get a little more "intense" before it gets better.

N is suckling non-stop probably for one, if not two, reasons: hunger and to pacify herself. She may even keep this up after she is full, much like using a pacifier.

Good luck and sweet dreams soon.


Sounds like you have a sucker. I never had a situation like yours but I'm sure that it is normal as you are both learning. I do know that my baby only fed for about 10 minutes each side every one and half hours around the clock for 6 weeks. That was fun, I felt like a human cow. My milk came in about 3-4 days. PS your daughter is beautiful, congrats!


I concur, milk is coming in, just as she's getting really hungry, so feedings from now on should be more satisfying for her, less hard on you, and you should be able to get a couple of hours between each feeding, when her tummy gets full of milk (2 hours cycle = from start of one feed to start of next, so it only feels like about an hour and a half).

Congrats. You're doing great.


No advice to offer, but I wanted to say congrats again. It sounds like you all are doing great, and mothering is coming quite naturally to you. I hope the hip pain clears up soon. Also, I'm so sorry about your Ambien experience. I had the same thing happen to me (hallucinations, along with nausea and some other lovely things) when I took it, and it was awful, awful, awful. I can't imagine preparing to give birth and having that experience. You truly are amazing.


Sounds as if your milk is coming in. Just keep an eye on the red and heat you want to watch for mastitis as that is no fun! warm compress and massage will help you milk come in.


What Tiffany said. Ouch. Should be fine in a day or two but watch for mastitis.

And really, I'm so happy for you. I mean, other than the boob pain.


I tried Ambien for two nights, just to get normal sleep. Instead, I was so wired, I got no sleep. Paradoxical effect.

I understand about the hallucinations during labor, though. Before I knew what happened (and despite having a midwife), a hospital nurse zipped up and injected me with stadol - I was lala - every time I closed my eyes, it was as if the book my doula was reading, The Family Bed, was being broadcast. So, I got no rest. Funny thing, what I heard definitely suited the topic of the book.

You sound like you are doing so well. Keep up the good work, despite the minimal sleep.


You could have what is known as a "marathon feeder". My son was like that for the first few weeks. Six hours straight was very common at first, but as the milk adjusted to accomodate the demand, the amount of time per feeding reduced. Just hang in there for the next couple of weeks.


The boob thing is definately your milk coming in. They will be rock hard and painful the day it does, and the best thing is warm flannels held on them and hand expressing a little milk to alleviate the pressure. And take a photo - coz they'll never be that big again! Umm...with mastitis you will have a fever as well as the hot,hard,painful boobs.

The constant feeding sounds like a comfort thing. Since its only day 3 its unlikely to be hunger. You could try a pacifier or let her suck on your little finger. Or let her suck on the man boobs! Ok maybe not. It will probably settle down once she's getting a tummy full of milk.

V. sorry about your hip pain. Rest as much as you can, and yell at those damn people who wont shut up!

Even with the tales of hallucinations, pain, and sleep deprivation, I'm SO happy to hear about life with YOUR BABY!!!!

Heather H

A long time delurker here. First, CONGRATULATIONS on having your beautiful Noa Grace! Second, with all three of my children, when my milk began coming in, I placed a warm wash cloth on each breast. It helped so much. I also kept massaging them. It was such a relief and helped with the milk coming down. You do need to watch for mastitis too. I did get it without a fever. Warm showers helped, too.

Congrats again!! She is beautiful!!!!!


Don't over worry about having a suckler - talk to the midwife but be aware that breast fed babies can still be colicky babies and colic is common - if baby seems to be 'worrying' around the nipple and is cross in the early evening it is something to watch for.


Congrats again! And I am going with what everyone else has said. Rooting is normal in a newborn, and so are breastfeeding problems/setbacks! You are both learning so it will take time, possibly a month or so to really get it down. But it does get easier! And it's time to make Noa Grace's baby ticker!


Warm compresses ... and cabbage leaves? ... can help with the boob discomfort. Warm showers as someone else has said and hand expressing help too, and I think they will also help your milk come in.

If Noa is using you as her pacifier, it will definitely help your milk come in, but it also sounds like it's doing a number on your nipples. If she needs to suck and you need a break, especially b/c of discomfort, try to give her something else to suck on. A finger, whatever. A pacifier may feel like a big no-no, BUT if you think she is latching on well and nursing properly, you might be o.k. I remember my SIL giving one to my nephew before he was even one week old because he wanted to suck (but not eat) all.the.time. He still does, and it caused no breastfeeding issues at all.


Delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS! And also to encourage: I had my daughter 7 weeks ago and experienced the same thing. She would suckle for hours and hours and hours in a row until the day my milk came in and her hunger was finally satisfied. Feedings quickly spread out to every 3 hours or so, for 30 minutes a pop, feeding on demand. Now, at 7 weeks, feedings take about 10 minutes plus another 10 for burping/changing, etc.

I had the same hardness up at the top of my chest the day my milk came in - so you're on your way!

mama kelly

been reading for a few months --- many many congratulations!!

hope the nursing is more comfortable now

Jersey Girl

Congrats - #5 is a charm and a beautiful production. Yes, you're about to turn into an official milking machine - the hardness is mother nature saying - Bring it on - I"m doing the job I was actually designed for (surprise!)

Massage breasts with hot/warm compresses to help milk come out to avoid mastitis/infections; your body will adjust to Noa Grace's needs - it's a beautiful thing and the world's most perfect food, as I stare at my 2 angels early this June morning - in wonderment, amazement and awe of motherhood.

Wishing you peace and love. (and tell the talkers to be quiet already).


babies can indeed be very very hungry from the get-go. my fdaughter was born after a long labor as well (42 hours) and was starving from the beginning. Milk too 6 days to come in, so we gave her formula and let her suck as much as she wanted, otherwise it was endless screaming. It is a myth they don't get hungry for days. Then it came in, she was fine. A real sucker. Try a pacifier. And lie down on your side with her and let her try that way, put rolled balnket against her back. she might like it. Very very happy for all of you. These days will pass,and you will sleep again.


Congratulations on your baby. I found your blog in 2004 after I suffered a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. I have been following your story ever since. I can not tell you how happy I am for you.

Isn't Lansinoh the best?! It's the only thing that soothed my poor nipples during the first two weeks of nursing. (Lansinoh also makes great baby wipes and great milk storage bags!) Oh! I also highly recommend the Lansinoh breast pads. In my experience, they are the only pads that don't show through my bra and shirt.

My daughter nursed non-stop for the first few weeks. I felt like she was always nursing. It took about 5 days for my milk to come in, so I figured she was just stimulating my nipples to help the milk come in. Maybe that's what your little one is doing?

My daughter is 4 months old now and we have the nursing thing down. I'm back at work and I pump during the day. Nursing has been such a blessing for me because it's our chance to really re-connect at the end of each day. I am surprised at how much I enjoy nursing. When I look at my daughter and see how much she has grown over these past few months, I feel so much pride that it's my body that nourishes hers and enables her to grow.

Having my daughter has changed the way I view my miscarriage. It has been healing for me, but at the same time it makes the pain worse because I now understand the magnitude of my loss. I look at my beautiful daughter and I wonder what would have come about if my first pregnancy had lasted to term. At the same time, had my first pregnancy lasted to term, I would not have my daughter today. I'm wondering what your thoughts are now that you have a beautiful baby.

Congratulations again!

aliza at babyfruit

a.p. - that is just how I have felt recently looking at NG - so blessed and thrilled to have her but wondering who I would have had if I hadn't miscarried 4 times. And if I had them, would that mean that I wouldn't have her now? How unbearable that would be but would I even know what I was missing? I've been contemplating my next blog post but still too tired to type it all out. Also taking notes about birth story along with input from G., my mom and my neighbor who had a doula-like role. More soon...


Looks like you have all the right advice about the boob problem. I just wanted to add my experience. My guy sucked like crazy for two days, and on day three my milk came in. He continued to eat like a mad man for a few weeks, then it trickled off to a regular schedule. He was a hungry guy from the moment he was born.

Oh yes and cabbage leaves (just inside the bra) really do work! Hope all is still going well!

Lea R

She is beautiful. Congratulations! I can't add much to the breasfeeding advice above--it sounds right on target, based on my experience. Hope today is easier than the days before.



Jen (yup, another one)

Congratulations to you and welcome to Noa Grace!

Don't do cabbage leaves until your supply is firmly established (at least 3 weeks). They work REALLY well but that can backfire if you aren't a great producer.


I definetly nominate the man boobs. I was reading about your soreness and thinking of an article I read about in another culture it being perfectly normal for a man to offer his nipples as pacifiers. I already talked to my husband and he said he'd do it.

I don't get the cabbage leaf thing...
why cabbage?

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