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HAHA!! I do the paper towel thing too!! I feel so wasteful if I throw them out after just drying my hands! SO glad there are others out there who do the same!

Been checking in on you everyday, can't wait to meet NG!! Praying that everything will go wmoothly for you guys.


The paper towel thing drives me insane as my husband does as you do and I find bits of waded up paper towel all over the kitechn countertops...ARGH! I guess, to me, it just looks messy (and isn't that what dishcloths are for?) :)

I think I know the feeling you're talking about. I used to get that feeling as a child through my early 20's and I could never put my finger on exactly how it was I was feeling....the closest I have come to is homesickness even though I was home.

I keep checking every day as well hoping someone will have posted for you saying you're having little NG!


I'm curious and nosey...

Have you stopped the lovenox meds now?

And even though you didn't get to go "early", her arrival is sooo soon! Just think, NG should be here within 2 weeks. I'm sure that seems like an eternity now though ; )


Oh the teabag thing I do all the time. Its so wasteful to not get several cups from one little baggy.

And the non-specific-morbid-dread feelings I know very well. I think I woke up several times during the night before the birth feeling all edgy. My guess is its just your brain trying to process the fact that your life is about to change FOREVER very soon.

aliza at babyfruit

I did stop the Lovenox on 2 June Friday. So I've been without it for almost two weeks. Watching for symptoms of clots just in case but not having anything (knock on wood). Which leads me to believe further that it was the progesterone that really helped this pregnancy. I don't think Lovenox was entirely a placebo - it supposedly did help my placenta heal from the carbon monoxide damage. Everything happens for a reason.


Just checking in to see how you're doing. Noticed it's been a couple of days since your last entry and can't help wondering ... well, you know. =)

Also, I didn't take Lovenox at all with my last pregnancy b/c I didn't know I had this clotting disorder, and didn't have any problems at all until my 35th week. That is when I developed HELLP Syndrome (severe pre-eclampsia), which is directly related to our disorder. I think more often than not, the Lovenox *prevents* complications, so we may never know whether it's actually helped or not. Hard to tell.


OK - its been too long that you have not must be baby time - right? Hope everything is good with you - give us an update soon!

Hoping your lack of posting is baby related!

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