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Hope you get some good rest may be your last for a long, long time! YAY!


This play by play commentary is almost as good as a birthing cam.

I hope today is her birthday instead of tomorrow.


Snooze while you can! And like my dad's best friend told me: I can't push for you, but I am pulling for you! Love, Bobi and GG


Sending you lots of ELVs (easy labor vibes so as not to be too cryptic). It sounds like the birth is imminent.


She'll be here soon!


I love that you are blogging through your labor! Powerful dilating vibes coming your way!


I can't seem to click "refresh" fast enough today! Rest up and feel the dilating vibes coming from me, too!


Sending you thoughts of rest and restoration for when you need them, and really productive rushes, for when you need *them*. You are doing such a great job at resting and eating and conserving your energy as much as you can. Know that many women are sending you their care and strength.


I was so sure she'd be here when I logged on today.

I went two days with the 4-1-1. It does eventually end! It sounds like you're doing all the right things.

You're in my thoughts.


It's almost time - how exciting it will be to hold that little girl in your arms! Come on NG!!!


where did you get your hypnobirthing cd's?


Amazed how calm you are. Can't believe she still isn't here though! Will check back soon. xxx


I really thought you were having the baby already. LOL. But here's to getting some rest because you are gonna need it! Come on out, NG!


Was so excited to "tune in" today to your running labor dialogue. Relax and it'll all happen as it's meant to happen... and at the end -- would you believe it? -- you will suddenly have a daughter! It sounds so silly and obvious but the idea of going into the hospital a family of 2 and coming out a family of 3 was pretty mind-blowing. Sending good vibes your way.


I keep checking back for updates! Many good thoughts coming your way. :)


How exciting! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!


On the edge of my seat!


Aliza! Amazing that I learn about your latest web venture just as you're in labor...wishing you and your baby a healthy delivery! I just gave birth 5 weeks ago myself, to a baby girl :-) Best, Kim Steckler

Rosemary Bratton

Hi Aliza, Greg and NG,
With no posts today, I am hoping that NG has arrived and you are all doing well. We miss you in Wyoming.

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