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Take the ambien! Whoever it was who told you this could go on for days was right, and if things pick up in intensity, you will not be able to go back and make up your lost sleep. I'm very excited for you that things are happening!


Following along on your journey...thank you so much for posting things as they happen. It takes me back to the days before my first child was born. It's such a wonderful (painful too...) time. Savor everything as you'll relive it a million times in your head once she's here.


Woke up and came here to see how you're doing. Your positive attitude is amazing to read. Try to hang onto the knowledge that all of this work you're doing IS making progress, even if it's not as fast you'd like. One rush at a time ... one rush at a time. Blessings!!


Try to just putter along and not be too disracted by all this - it could go on a while longer - this isn't real going for it labour.

But you are not far away now - try and rest

My last pregnancy number 3 - I got little movement and they gave me an internal exam and was about 1-2cm they gave me a membrane sweep and said baby would be born that night.

I went a whole week 'niggling' on and off on and off - but when it started in earnest - it went 'pow' - by the time my waters started leaking I only lasted a few hours and bingo - a baby boy arrived.

Won't be long now


I came across your blog some time ago, when I was recovering from a miscarriage (my first). Since then, I've been following along and am now a little over 8 weeks pregnant, again. Your journey is incredibly inspirational and I am extremely excited for you. You manage to stay incredibly grounded and I have no doubt that regardless of what the next couple days bring, you will tackle it spectacularly... Good Luck!


Just go with it. I must say, I really hated the bit where I dilated from 1 to 3cm, which happened overnight for me. I tried to sleep in between...the at 6am I asked for an epidural!


SO happy for you as I went through IVF with my twins I remember the agony of the numerous shots but in the end it was well worth it! Good luck with labor and know its the only pain you will ever experience that has a reward at the end that makes it all worthwhile!

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