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Mrs X

EVP- Evil Crotch Pain. It doesn't stop after birth. Sadly. Do you have those tucks pads? Because I found them to be incredibly wonderfully relieving. Even from the front.

Poor NG! No assvice but hope that it won't result in surgery.


Aliza, I have been following your blog since losing my second pregnancy in January. In a word, I find you and your blog amazing. As I begin my little ol' blog, I have hopes it will one day be as much an inspiriation to others as your blog has been to me.

Just wondering what books you are looking to for guidance now that NG is safe and snug in your arms.


Hi. been avidly following you for awhile, and happy that your little girl is here. It is normal, and someone should have told you this, for breastfeeding babies to go for several days, even up to a week (!!) without pooping. Ask your midwife about this before you worry too much. Only freak out if she is in distress. My own daughter would go 5-7 days AT A TIME between poos, and then it was a huge one. There was nothing wrong with her, and I suspect there is nothing wrong with your child either. Give her body a chance to get going and get adjusted to the world.


For my pain down below I used warm water, either from a squirt bottle or a sitz bath. Just make sure its not too hot. Also, make sure you are sitting on soft cushions or pillows and are distributing your weight evenly. I know it's hard not to freak out when it comes to your baby, but just try and relax. My son never really had any major issues with his bum, but on the couple of occasions that he did, I found that rubbing and massaging his lower back and moving his legs around usually helped.


I had internal tearing with my daughter and the Dr recommended sitz baths(epson salts for those like me who didn't know what a sitz bath was). A few days went by before I tried it when I did all I could say was "WHY HAVN'T I TRIED THIS BEFORE" it felt soooo good on those battered nether regions. Oh and the other thing that really helped was frozen pads, did they have those in the hospital for you? Just a pad sprayed with water and frozen...ahhhh....genius...

I would definatly wait and see with the pooping issue. My daughter when she was that little only pooped every 7-10 days, the longest period was 2 weeks. Then when she did, watch out!! I spoke to the midwife and health nurses about it and they all said to judge the problem by her discomfort. She never seemed to have any discomfort so that was just normal for her. Newborns vary so much in their pooping habits that normal varies from many times a day to 7 days in between. If it isn't bothering NG I wouldn't worry about it, is she gets umcomfortable or seems like she's in pain then I would.

Just my experiances, hope that helps.

plucky punk

Don't know about the tight ring situation, poor baby, but I am currently addicted to dermoplast spray after delivering. (Yay I delivered!) I had one tear that required 3 stitches, but mostly its the swelling that's bothering me.

I bought the hugest, diaperiest ultra plus maxi pads, some dermoplast spray, which is this like analgesic spray that's for sunburns that you can get at walgreens, spray a little on the nether regions and a little on the pad. That takes care of the soreness for awhile.

Although I probably use too much. I already went through the little bottle they gave me at the hospital and its only been 4 days!


Aliza -- Since Noa did pass her meconium well on her own, it might be that her body is just learning to self regulate a little. From what I've read it's fairly normal for breastfed babies to not have a bowel movement for days and this isn't something to be alarmed about.

Still, I think it is good that you are being attentive.

I found this article that you might want to read about constipation in infants and children:

I hope you get some answers soon.


Hi Aliza,
I've been reading your blog since I was on maternity leave last fall. Congratulations on NG's arrival!

The sharp, stinging pains you mention sound a lot like what I experienced when my stiches started coming out (they didn't dissolve properly). The loose thread was pulling uncomfortably, and I had to go have them removed.


My husband and his siblings and nephew all went to the same pediatrician, and when they were babies they all had some trouble pooping at first. The (retarded, cruel) ped told my MIL that it was crucial to "tear" the sphincter and shoved his thumb up. each. of. their. tiny. bums., causing, *DUH!* tears and a lot of pain. Later doctors told MIL that evil ped. was very wrong to do this, and that it's *usually* not necessary to do anything.

Can you believe how far modern pediatrics has come?

My whole point was NOT to freak you out, please excuse this (I'm running on 4 hours sleep for 3 days now) but to give you a sense of how common this problem can be (all 4 kids in the same family had the same problem).
Ugh. I did a horrible job. I hope little Noa Grace can poop comfortably soon. And that you are soon feeling better "down there" as well.

Erin O'


Have you ever tried Arnica? It's a homeopathic remedy, your midwives might be familiar with it. It's great for any stress, sprain, tear, bruising, etc. It's easily available at health food stores, and with the sitz baths might help a lot. It should be safe to take while breastfeeding (most homeopathic remedies are), but if you feel more comfortable asking your midwives, you should, of course.

As for NG's poop problems, I don't have any ideas here, but it sounds from other commenters that it happens, and may just need to work itself out. I hope everything starts "moving" normally soon!



My Ava had some similar 'poop problems' when she was about a week old. Our pediatrician recommended giving her an ounce of prune juice (which she joyfully slurped down!) and an infant's glycerin suppository (which you can purchase at any drugstore). The combo produced results within the hour! Try asking your pediatrician if she thinks either of these will help NG. Good Luck!!!! And she's beautiful!


My breastfeeding daughter was not regular either, she would poop maybe every 3 days. I was told this was normal and she ended up just fine. Although - if NG starts pulling her legs up or her stomach gets really hard and she seems like she is in pain, I would definately try the suppositories or call the dr back. Everything will work out fine. MORE PICS PLEASE!!! She is beautiful!


hi. usual lurker. congratulations on your beautiful new baby. my assvice on the poop: breastfed babies can poop up to about once a week and still be fine. mine once went only once a week for several weeks in a row, which freaked me out but she was (and is, 11 years later), totally fine. my assvice on the bottom: you need a little squirter bottle, fill it with warm water and maybe a little iodine. squirt it while you're peeing so the pee doesn't sting. i was totally addicted to that squirt bottle.

good luck and enjoy!

aliza at babyfruit

hi everyone! thank you so much for the advice - I am so relieved to hear from other women who have been there/done that. NG had a little poop late last night (or was it early this morning? time blurs.) It was dark mustardy color and watery so the diaper absorbed a lot of it but it looked like a decent amount. huge sigh of relief. more soon...


I had to be cut 3x when i had my son and they told me to do siths baths, tuck pads,and after you go the bathroom take a water bottle and clean yourself down there. Works wonders. Also motrin is great to take and you can take it even if you are breastfeeding because I am breastfeeding and was prescribed it from my dr.

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