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I'll be thinking good thoughts, sending good vibes, and imagining a smooth, wonderful labor and delivery for you! I can't wait to be able to say a big welcome to NG! So soon! Hang in're doing great with all of this!

aliza at babyfruit

up again late at night and watching the sun set at this hour. baby hiccups sure can be a powerful distraction from sleep! seems like I have shifted back into limbo so just relaxing and taking each moment as it comes. I'm sure this is so common - to feel it coming on and then it subsides and then it picks up again. she has dropped so low that there is nowhere else for her to go but out. but Just going with the baby flow...


Wow it all sounds so close. Sounds like you are doinga ll the right things just being in the moment and going with the baby flow... all the best.


Sending you all good thoughts for a happy, speedy and awesome delivery!

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