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What a lovely irony, though I am sorry you are feeling down, Aliza. Maybe it is for a reason if you are developing such kind empathies with the overweight and chronic pain sufferers!
Won't be long now, and I am guessing that once the pain of labour starts you will wish you hadn't wished it on!
Thinking of you


for what it's worth, my doula told me the only sure sign of impending labour is a shift in the mood of the mother from content to incredibly irritable (physical pain notwithstanding) perhaps your beautiful end is closer than you think.

I'm 39 weeks along at the moment (also have horrible hip pain and am feeling terribly impatient but cannot seem to muster the irritability necessary to labour :) ) and just discovered your blog the other week. Thanks for sharing your experiences so eloquently and honestly.

and good labour to you! (I'm canadian...I can't leave out the 'u')

plucky punk

Man, the horrible hip pain is something that no one tells you about at all but seems to be pretty universal. As someone who has been walking with a cane the past month of my pregnancy, I feel you! It's almost over!

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