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Hi. I used an Isis. I liked it very much...and I used it only in the very beginning (like 2-4 weeks) to siphon of just enough of the engorgement, to allow my baby to latch on. Sometimes, right after your milk comes in, you are so full, a very hungry baby just can't get to sucking efficiently, and it can be so frustrating at 3 am!

This milk, I would store, for later use for my husband to give a bottle, or whatever. It keeps in the freezer in correct sanitary storage bags or bottles for up to 6 months. Yes, the more you stimulate the more you produce, but in the beginning, sometimes you just have to let a little off.

Afterwards, when I anticipated a need, I would pump between feedings, to store up a few bottles' worth. Just from time to time according to what was going on. Those first few months I was pretty able to just be available. But again, the pump worked wonders when that sweet little mouth just couldn't get on for all the tightness of the milk pouring in!

Just a few thoughts, hope it helps sort out what you're working through. And oh, I did use an electric once, but it was only because I needed to store up 48 hours worth, for an last minute surgery when our second baby was 6 weeks old. Works well, but in my experience, not necessary for the occasional pumping.


I use the Medela Mini Electric, which you can also run on batteries. I cant imagine having to do this daily pumping jaunt with a manual pump. At least this way I can pump and blog at the same time and not cripple my hands in the process.

I guess it comes down to how often you will be pumping and how much milk you have. If it pours out of you then probably a manual pump is sufficient. If like me its a strain to get anything, the power of the electric is necessary.

The Mini Electric is really well-priced too. Here it was $150 australian. The other electrics I saw were $300 - $500.


Pumping never worked well for me - was always painful (I have both the Avent Isis and Medela Mini Electric). I manually pump (yep, use my fingers!) every morning when I wake up - getting anywhere from 4-6 oz. (This is after a usual 10 hour stretch of Emma sleeping when I'm so hugely full).
I keep trying the pumps, but even after the first letdown it just hurts. I don't need to pump as I'm staying home with Emma, so I just pump roughly 8 oz during the day and save it for the nighttime bottle her dad gives her.
Good luck with pumping! I hear from everyone else who isn't me that it works well for them!


I have pumped twice now just to relieve engorgement and it worked pretty well with the Avent hand pump. Won't get into pumping with any regularity for at least a month since I want him to get the hang of the breast fully before we introduce a bottle regularly.


I tried using the Harmony hand pump and it killed my hands! I would definately look into an electric, even if you don't pump every day. It's just easier IMO, using your hand is draining and I think it takes longer... I got more milk out of an electric than a hand pump... Hope that helps!


I had a go expressing this week and gave my baby her first bottle. I used a Tommy Tippee Freedom hand expresser and it was great. I have a lot of milk. I am not going to express much though because by boobs were so sore and engorged. I was doing it so my husband could have a go feeding her.


A friend who's just given birth spent literally two hours trying to get a few ounces of milk with a hand pump. The electric once that she eventually got (although she says it makes her feel vaguely like being in a dairy) takes only about 15 minutes to express 4 ounces. I think it all depends on how good your milk flow turns out to be, but the electric one sure seems to be pretty speedy!


In prefered pumping over breastfeeding and I rented a hospital-grade pump, which made all the difference in the world. I started out slow (over period of days) then was able to increase the speed. That was just what worked for me since C couldn't latch on.

Kathy N

I had a pump in style and LOVED IT! yes I worked and DH stayed home but I used it frequently and it is a life saver if you have low supply, the Isis was better than soem but loved the Pump in style. Teh manual were just momre time consuming for me.

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