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Hi Aliza,

I'm one of your stalkers :-) and just wanted to wish you all the best! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog and all your insights into this adventure that we call pregnancy.

Quick question...I'm about 18 weeks along (after 3 MC's) ...and of course quite paranoid and nervous. I'm currently being monitored for incompetent cervix problems...which I think will be diagnosed based on the way the darn this is shortening. My question is…do you know anyone who had a cerclage done and what were the main problems etc? if any. I’m quite freaked out by the whole thing….imagining bed rest, premature labor the friggin works!! Any thoughts, advice would be appreciated….

PS…Stop doing so much, and RELAX!! You’ll need all that energy for little NG!



love your posts, they are hilarious. almost there!


Thanks for your comment on my blog. To answer your questions, we shoot video on our cannon powershot digital camera, upload it to our laptop and then upload it to
The site is totally free and easy to use.

On the hypnobirthing front, I read a hypnobirthing book before going into labour (in fact I was still reading the night I went into labour) and I know for a fact that the deep breathing I learned from that book helped me have such an easy labour. When the contractions were happening on the "in breath" I was envisioning my uterus opening and pulling upward. On the "out breath" I was envisioning the baby moving down and out. Also I was directing all my breathing into my anus, which is what the book also reccommend you do to practise everytime you have a bowel movement.

Anyways, if you have any more questions let me know...

aliza at babyfruit

I love hearing from my stalkers!

Stacey - I don't have any experience with that at all - but do some Internet searches. I know you will find some support and advice out there. Maybe someone who is lurking here might know someone, too.

Reesh - thanks for the info. I think we can use our Nikon CoolPix 3300 then. About hypnobirthing, the class I took was really helpful - I don't know what the heck I'll end up using but that breathing technique sounds like it could be very effective. thanks for the tip!


Aliza, thanks so much for the link. I'm getting a LOT of visitors today!

I've added two more birth stories to the hypnobirthing archives, including my own. I don't talk a lot about it in my b.s., but I can assure you that the techniques helped me a LOT. I birthed baby #1 with no preparation beyond the stupid hospital birth class and ended up with an epidural because I just could not deal. Took hypnobirthing when pg with baby #2 and had much different and better experiences (and no epidural) with his birth and the birth of baby #3.

Even though one may not have a textbook hypnobirthing birth -- and I did not, that "breathe the baby down" thing went right out the window during pushing for me -- the techniques can make a tremendous difference. And so I included the birth story you talked about, since she did take the course and used some of the relaxation methods.

Reesh, I somehow missed that you had been using hypnobirthing. I'll be adding that tag to your birth story!


Ok let me say this. I had two babies with no epidurals or pain meds. I had both children in a birth center where only iv meds would have been available anyways. Birthing a baby HURTS, yes, but is it soooo terrible that if you really want a natural birth you won't be able to? Not IMO! :) I wanted natural births, and I had them. Yes I begged for drugs, haha, but none were given and I'm so grateful. So I agree with you on the power of positive thinking. If you KNOW you want a natural birth, you CAN do it! I know in hospitals the nurses and/or docs can push epis, but be firm girl. :) We've been doing this since the beginning of time, after all. :)

*This is NOT to knock anyone who had an epi! Natural birth is totally not for everyone. Trust me, I would have welcomed an epi during transition! :)*


I never saw my mucus plug, but it obviously came out at some point!! It could come out with your poop and than you will not even notice it. Don'tworry about the mucus plug. Sounds like you have a whole lot more going on!


Hi Aliza, looking forward to hearing how it all goes, and the first pics of NG.
Am v jealous, of course, but very happy for you!


Hi Aliza.

I edit a site at BellaOnline for all things pregnancy, and in doing so, scour the internet for resources for women planning a pregnancy, or birth. I found this recently, and thought of you, as I visit here from time to time.

I posted this at the Pregnancy site, and just thought I send it to you. If you haven't seen it, it's beautiful - a home birth slide show.

Peace for the journey,


Good for you on getting a date in! Strange, but that was my "nesting". Me and dh had to have one more date night and it had to be that Fri. We went out Fri to dinner and a movie. My water broke Sat night. I wish that I would have gotten the cleaning bug too though ; )


Aliza, I have been lurking from time to time in between spending time caring for baby canine since the baby human thing has not worked out for me yet. I wish you all the best in the next couple of weeks - sending positive vibes for health and happiness to you and G and NG. Best, Terri


Congrats to you on the upcoming birth! As I read this post, it brought bk lots of memories of my first pregnancy. My water didn't break by the way.

3 pregnancies later, we are blessed with 3 healthy and adorable children. It's going to be such a great ride!! Enjoy motherhood!

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