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You're getting there and doing a beautiful job. NG will be able to look back on this time and say proudly "My Mommy did everything in her power to give me the best start in life!" You should be so very proud of yourself!


You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!


Well done with your preseverance. I express now and then and I usually only get about 3 - 4 oz from both breasts.


This is my first time posting.

I just wanted to let you know that I am really impressed with your determination and effort to breast feed your daughter. Most women would have given up much earlier. You ROCK! It sounds like you are doing the right things and you are producing lots of milk (3oz. is awesome!). Having NG stimulate the breast with all the shield nursing will help tremendously. I bet that soon you won't need any supplemental feeding, and breastfeeding will finally be the most natural thing for you. You deserve it!

The first few weeks are so hard, you are exhausted, don't really know how to take care of a newborn and have all those raging hormones that don't help. I promise it is going to get better everyday. I remember the first time I drove to the beach by myself, with my one month old son. I got there dreanched in sweat but it felt so good to have managed it without freaking out. I told myself, yes, I can do this mommy thing.

KUDOS to you and keep up the great work!


mama kelly

I'm so glad to read that things are going better for you both!!!

i never managed hands free pumping, though i never thought about using a sports bra, but its great to read that youve tripled your milk production per session!!



I helped another woman, who used a baby bottle nipple as a nipple shield, (OUCH!), as the baby wouldn't take the breast. We got her a nipple shield as well-which helped, and she faithfully-like you-used it every feeding for a total of five weeks. One day, without much ado-her little stubborn peanut latched on-and breast fed fine after that! Who knows what goes on in their little synapses? You're doing a terrific job-all of you. This is one of the more difficult times in everyone's lives as a "newby", a first time mom, and as a dad. Remember-the breast NEVER gives to a pump, the way it gives to the real thing. Don't sell your production short-ever! If you are getting 3 oz-WOW! I would only get that after being 'baby starved' at work for 12 hours-and then my little peanut would easily be satisfied when I hurried home with the bag for the freezer and breasts ready! I know it is hard-but work to trust this process on an intuitive level. I've said it to you before-look at NG's behavior as well as any "measurable" goals. If she snoozes peacefully, is alert when awake, is pooping a good one or several smears in a twenty four hour period, is gaining mile posts-like smiling and holding her head up and all those baby things-you are probaby doing just fine. As modern, goal oriented people-we sometimes forget that this whole life process is a series of stops, starts, reverses and side paths. It was an eye opener for me that my own parents-whom I had always viewed with a bit of suspicion-actually nurtured me successfully through this tenuous time. HUMBLING!xoxoHeather


I am glad to hear things are improving! Your determination is paying off and will continue to do so, I am sure!


3 oz. at this point is FANTASTIC.

You are such a trooper.


Hats off to you! Keep it up.

The sports bra for hands-free pumping is a fantastic idea! I've never seen or heard of it, even though it seems that everyone already knows about it. I'm so excited to start pumping hands free!


You're such a fighter. Good for you. And your little milk baby looks pretty content too; she'll figure it out.

Hang in there.

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