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Honey, they don't call it "liquid gold" just b/c of it's value to the baby. It's so hard when you spill milk or when you have to dump it because you forgot to freeze it in time. I mourned every oz.

Your doing great! I'm so impressed with how your body is responding to the new efforts. Go Aliza!

plucky punk

Oh, the second night I had the pump I was doing a late night puming session in bed and passed the bottle to hubby so he could bring it downstairsand put it in the fridge...and he dropped it in the handoff and spilled it all over me. I too, started crying.

The breast milk is so precious I almost hesitate in giving it to the baby as ridiculous as that sounds. Every bottle represents at least a half an hour of squeezing the manual pump! So don't feel bad about the spilled milk, I'm insane about it too.


I totally get this. Whoever came up with the phrase "don't cry over spilt milk" obviously never had trouble breastfeeding. I remember one night about a month ago when I was pumping. The container fell off the pump and FOUR ounces spilled all over the carpet. The 'f' word flew, waking up my husband, followed by my sobs of self defeat. It is sooooo normal to be upset about that sort of thing. I hope your troubles get better soon. I've been lurking and don't comment like I should. Take care!


Ok you totally dont know me. I may have posted once before but I cant remember, but I've been lurking for a long time.
I have to tell you how damn proud I am of you. I think no matter how many times you get upset a day, its all good. You are freaking out for the best possible reason ever...NG!! You have every right!! I am so proud of you for not giving up, for pushing yourself and trudging along. You are doing so wonderful and your body is responding!!! You will get there soon, I promise!!!
I've cried over spilling my milk too, its the worst and most upsetting feeling!!! You work so hard, put yourself through so much pumping it out and in one instant...ughgg I dont even like to talk about it!!!!!
Hang tight babe, the rainbow is in sight!!


You are doing GREAT! It may seem hard to see from inside this tired, frustrating place you are in, but it is true. The shift from 6-7 formula meals and 1 full breast milk meal per day to 3-4 breast milk meals and 3-4 formula meals is hard proof of that. I'm glad G is so supportive and wonderful to you. Hold on, I know this will get easier and feel much less overwhelming.

I hope you have a wonderful appt with the naturopath, and come away with new insights.


I wanted to kill my husband when he left a full 8 oz. bottle of milk in the baby's bag at daycare (instead of giving it to them so it could go in the fridge) and the baby got formula that day (and not in his anti-gas Dr. Brown's bottle) instead of the milk I had pumped, which went bad sitting in the bag. Tears, screaming, I totally lost it! He felt bad, but I don't think he could truly understand the sense of devastation I felt. Maybe there are milk fountains out there who wouldn't care so much, but for the rest of us it's enough to send us over the edge. Hang in there!


Oh, I have been there. I did not have such a shortage of milk at first, but still every spill was soooo upsetting. I don't know if it was the lost effort or the feeling of taking something precious away from baby or even hormones, but it was SOOO upsetting to lose milk! You are really doing GREAT, just hang on! As said by other posters, trust yourself! Your ancestors successfully mothered thousands of generations of babies - you must have some genetic knowledge!

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