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Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!! I'm so excited for you! I used to read your blog daily but was pregnant myself and had a rough pregnancy so I stopped reading/commenting. For about 3 months, I had forgotten about blogs then came across your link in a Google search.

Anyway, I hadn't finished reading about your pregnancy, those terrible shots, and your daughter's birth. I didn't even read this post, I'm just so excited for you. You and your husband must be thrilled. Congratulations and have fun in your new mommyhood!! I saw in the bullets you're having lactating/bfing issues. I don't know what they are because I haven't read the post, but if you haven't been over to discussion boards, you want to give it a try. There are a lot of women and info and encouragement on bfing. They came in handy for me. Some of them can get kind of fanatical but in general, it's supportive and full of information.

mama kelly

I am so glad to hear that things are going better

you have had such a hard time - you should be very proud

and I remember all of those moments fondly from my own previous baby mommy days


oh, it is not just breast milk that clears everything up, it is also mother's saliva. Just lick your thumb and rub--it disappears!

Seriously, you are doing great for hanging in there. I've gone from one to two, and from two to three, but going from zero to one was THE HARDEST.


I'm amazed at your fortitude and your persistence regarding breastfeeding. Not everyone would hang in there as you have done during this difficult situation. You should be so proud of yourself!


You are doing GREAT!!

I have totally pottied (I have to say it that way cause I have 2 toddlers) with my infant daughter in the sling. I also frequently work out on the eliptical with her in there. :)) Can't beat a good sling!!!!


I have done every single one of your "Things To Do"! Its amazing that one can still breastfeed while going to the loo. Motherhood makes you the god of multitasking, and makes you just not care about puke on your clothes anymore.


Keep up the pumping. My milk production has really increased, especially during the overnight hours. In fact, I mentioned on my blog that I'm either going to have to wear nursing pads to bed at night or collect a bunch of kittens to follow me around to lap up the puddles of milk.


Good for you, and NG. You really are making progress. On the sling thing, our oldest lived in one for the first 7 months or so...if I could have figured out a reasonable, efficient water proof shower version, I'm sure I'd be a bajillionaire by now. From the sound of your tales, ie: the crapper, you relate.

May I please sound so old aunt assvice for one second and say that now that this child of ours is 11 years old, I get all misty eyed over remembering the endless hours and days and months of sling/baby wearing? Truly, even when it feels like a slow death march, it is going by quickly. When you feel the nuttiest, maybe maybe you might flash forward in your imagination a decade...oh, crap, who am I kidding. In those darkest moments, we can only hope not to A. kill the husband, B. Kill our self, C. possibly maim the baby or D. all of the above.

You're hanging on great. Pardon the assvice.


am now in the breastfeeding zone aliza and am amazed and inspired by your tenacity. never understood how highly emotive/imperative the need to feed becomes how tied up in ones self esteem and confidence as a mother...
keep on, you're doing great



As for pumping while holding the baby, Eric would cry if I put him down so I used to put my legs up on the couch and make a little nest for him. That way he wasn't in danger of falling (between my legs and all) and was still near me. When he got a little older, I would give him a toy to "play" with. He would sit and watch as if to say "get me my breakfast!"


I've done every single thing in your "Things You Do" list, and laughed while reading it. Congrats on the improvements; I'm proud of you! Way to go, little mama!


Very proud of you for sticking to it! You'll be so glad you did. You've got a great attitude about it, and it is HARD.


So glad to hear that things are looking up. Your lactation consultant sounds like the best. Hopefully when you get things all right with the world again you will mostly forget the first month and think only of how wonderful NG truly is :).

rb in LA


you don't know me -- i only recently came across your blog -- but i just wanted to add my "hang in there!" to the chorus.

my (now 9-year-old) daughter NEVER latched directly on; she's been an opionionated and stubborn little bugger since the day of her birth. :-) i pumped, and used a nipple shield, for the entire time she nursed, which was ~9 months. and i managed to survive. YOU WILL TOO!!!!

hang in there! you'll get through it!!!! somehow!!!!

p.s. my (now 6-year-old) son nursed like a champ from the get-go, unlike his older sister. whatEVER. just another in the series of life lessons to remind me that i'm not in charge, and that the best-laid plans are, well, suspect. :-)


Glad you are doing so well!

The smartest thing I ever did in regards to breast pumping was to slice into an old sports bra. I can't believe I held those stupid flanges with my hands for so long. Sweet, sweet freedom!


So this is where I'll be in a few months...


P.S. Tell me more... I want to know the truth of what to expect, and more important, that it's possible!

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