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Oh...My...GOSH!!! How in the world did she get such a perfect belly button? Seriously! That is the cutest CUTEST belly button I've ever seen.


No better way to describe it than cinnamon bun swirl!

No matter if you had abs of steel before the baby, everyone loses every fiber of muscle after a baby. I had to visit a physical therapist for my back pains, and he has me doing very small exercises to start tightening up the deep abs/hips. Think pelvic tilts. They start from the inside and work out -- to hips, butt, tummy, lower back.


i concur, that is the cutest belly button i have ever seen!! EVER!

i think cold hands are ok. my son's hands were cold a lot of the time. if you put mittens on, they could get sweaty. plus, she needs to explore. check her neck if you think she's cold. warm neck = comfortable baby.


cute bellybutton!

and that sock collection? enjoy it now because soon they will all be lost. she will kick them off all over town and you will find yourself wondering how long she's been sockless on her left foot, and who has seen her like this and wondered what kind of mother lets her baby go sockless in Alaska!


that is, by far, the most beautiful bellybutton I've ever seen. :)


MOST gorgeous belly button I have EVER seen! How did it get to be such a perfect little swirl? Hmmmm, mysteries.
Sounds like Mom and Baby are doing quite well and better all the time! So Happy for you both!


Interesting use of the word "normal." That is old normal. You have a new normal now that you are a mom!

Love the belly button. The perfect swirl.

I am so glad you two are doing well.


Love.The.Bellybutton. :-) Beautiful Baby, Aliza!!!


her hands are cold because it takes several months for babies to regulate their body temp. it is normal. don't worry about it; it will pass.

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