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I am so glad to hear that you are in a good place right now. I pumped and bottle fed for a year with both of my sons. I totally sucked at breastfeeding. There are LOTS of people who have done it. GODD FOR YOU!


Your posse is right here at
Come say hi!


I breast fed exclusively and am cheering. I would like to see everyone give it a college try but nothing more. Youve gone WAY above and beyond.


I used a nipple shield with my d. for the first 5 weeks of her life (she's 5 months old now). When it was time to cut the shield down I used infant nail scissors, on the advise of my LC. The nail scissors cut with a bit of a curve so there wasn't a sharp, slicing type cut of a typical household style scissor. We only ended up needing one cut down, though.

We used the uncut nipple shield until she was 5 weeks, did the first cut at 6 weeks, and by her 7th week she was nursing without assistance. It was a trying time, for sure. There were plenty of breast milk bottles given in the early days of our nursing experience. Fortunately, supply wasn't an issue for me, my d.'s latch was the issue and that "fix" wasn't an easy one, but the nipple shield was the best thing that happened to us. Until she got the hang of things with the aid of the shield, I thought I was going to have to do the pump and bottle thing for the full year, too.

Little Miss is now 17 pounds 2 ounces and 5 months old. She was 7 pounds 9 ounces at birth.

Hang in there. Email if you like.


Yo! A member of the pumpnbottle posse here, representing! :)

My daughter Lindsay, age 13 weeks, weighs in at a hefty 11 lbs 2.2 oz, birth weight 6 lbs 9 oz.


I haven't tried Dr Brown's but I know people who have and they are apparently good. I use Tommee Tippee closer to nature as do quite a few other mums in my psotnatal group and they are fab! Absolutely do what works for you. I am expressing and bottle feeding a little more frequently now that we move closer to weaning. I will be introducing solids as six months.


You're doing such a fantastic job, and it sounds like you're getting to a place with the feeding that you're emotionally - if not yet physically - comfortable with, and this is sooooo important.


Sounds like your perseverance has paid off! Glad to hear she is fattening up nicely! I am not a mom (yet), but I am all for doing whatever works to get baby nourished and healthy!


I used a nipple shield for a number of weeks with my first son, who was not a good nurser at all in the beginning. Although I hated it at the time, and referred to it as a prosthetic nipple, it really helped a lot. I found that when he had learned how to nurse better, and had grown a bigger mounth, it was easy to wean him away from it. I just took it off and tried to nurse him without until one or the other of us got frustrated, then put it back on. We transitioned away from it within a week or so when it was time. I'd recommend doing that rather than cutting the thing down, as it's really only the business end of it that matters. I don't think the baby cares one way or the other how big the part on your areola is, and I suspect if you cut it much smaller it wouldn't work very well. But getting away from it might well not be too hard as your baby grows bigger and learns to nurse more efficiently.

Do what works for you, though.

Are you sure you have the one that is the right size for your nipple? They do come in different sizes- a different on might be more comfortable. My experience as a previously flat-nippled person was that the amount of nipple that stretches out during breastfeeding is awe-inspiring. However, it really is supposed to do that, and as you breast feed longer you nipples will stick out more to make it easier for the baby to grab them.

Good luck- you are doing a great job working with your challenges.



I haven't done the nipple shield but I pumped and bottle fed quite a bit of the 6 months my son was exclusively on breastmilk. Check out the pumpmoms group as - they have an incredible amount of experience and can answer just about any question you might have. You are doing GREAT, just be sure and remember that! As long as NG is thriving, all is well.


I have been quietly following your story and I just wanted to say that you should never ever feel guilty about having to pump and bottle feed your daughter. You have gone thru so much and have tried so hard it would be foolish for anyone to fault you for being so strong. I am one of the lucky ones who has been able to breastfeed from the get go, (which is why I haven't been commenting too much), but if I were in a situation such as yours, I know I would do just as you have done to try to make things work. If that meant pumping and bottle feeding, then that's what I would do. So yay for the pumping bottle feeding posse out there!!


If I've learned anyting, it's that saying "I will never" is a guarantee in motherhood that in fact you will.

I'm sorry you've had such an impossibly hard time. We all have to go to the wall and realize it's time to just accept that we're doing the best for the baby. For me it was after living on rice, turkey, zucchini and pears for 4 weeks, my baby was still pooping blood. I gave her a bottle of formula and it ripped my heart out.

Little by little, she got better and now she's back to breast. You just do what you have to do at this job: the best thing for your baby. And you're doing that.

emma parrack-graves

thankyou for writing this, i came by it by accident, my daughter was born on 1st june 06 and breasted great for 4 months, a month ago she went on strike and is still on strike, i am pumping enough bottles to feed her without formula as my supply is quite good, 6 5 oz bottles a day does her, she is a fat girl so getting good. the story about spilling the milk really got me, i have on a few ocasions done this ansd turn into devil lady, i feel solow when it happens, hubby tries to comfort but it is no good as it takes quie a long time to get a feed. anyway well done for doing what u r doing, i can see me opumoping till she is a year as i just cant see the light at thwe end of the tunnle for us and wont use formula

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