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No matter what she's wearing, she always looks beautiful!

savvy saver

I think she looks sweet, and it sounds like you both are doing so much better.


She is so beautiful, even when she breaks the fashion rules! I am glad you are getting have some enjoy-the-baby moments! Did I mention that she is adorable?


I don't think you'll have to worry about Glamour putting her pix in their mag with a black rectangle over her eyes. And if they did, I would seriously kick their ass.

I only beg of you to stay clear from the head garters as their only purpose appears to piss off the baby.

mama kelly

she is so totally gorgeous

when my older girl was her age we did the PINK thing mainly because due to an amnio everyone knew we were having a girl and showered us in it

now at 11 all she wants to wear is black .... just so youre warned LOL

plucky punk

NG has way more hair than Abbie does...I myself am practically obsessed with the baby's clothes. I even dyed the ones that were in colors I didn't like!

On the other hand, I am currently wearing a tattered skirt and a nursing tank stained with like 3 days worth of spit-up.


I hope you start feeling better. I must say, I have been more obsessive over coordinating my baby's clothes than my own but then a baby doesn't care does she?


Pink is the ONLY color to wear with a "cinnamon bun swirl of a belly button"! It'd be a "fashion don't" to wear any other color with such an adorable belly button! ;)
She is beautiful!


I'm due in 35 days and guilty of the same, but instead of pink my baby is going to be decked out in orange, green and yellow until it's 2, because we decided not to find out the sex!

I actually think the stripes and flowers are darling together. :)
Love seeing the pics!


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