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I just wanted to say a big thank you for your blog. I'm reading your pregnancy posts and feel that I'm not the only one in the whole world going through this ...bliss. :) Thank you so much.


This disgusts me to no end. I truly worry about our nation's priorities when caring mothers are made to feel like criminals and suboptimal mothers at the same time.

BTW - I love the pics of NG. She is so beautiful. They are a great sources of inspiration and hope to me!


I though breast milk and formula were exceptions to the no liquid rule...?


The exception is because the baby wasn't travelling with the mom. You can bring breastmilk with you if the baby is with you. If not, out it goes. I woudl cry too -- and did when I spilled what I had pumped.

Good choice with the Medela PIS. The newst models are very cool -- and I found it extremely efficient as I couldn't hand pump at all.



Oh, this just makes me SICK!


That made me cry. That poor mom. We worry so much as it is and pumping is so hard and time consuming. Angry and sad.

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